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That’s not real….the dude is motionless the whole time and doesn’t display the least bit of discomfort throughout. Come on now….🙄🙄🙄


He was drugged before. the man was drugged so he was sedated during the murder.


How would you know


100 percent real unfortunately – he was drugged beforehand.


Because he was sedated if u watch the full documentary youl see


Are you
Fucking dumb this man is in prison for life, parts of the body was found and confirmed real.


This is real. Go watch Don’t f with Cats on Netflix or google search Luka Magnotta


He was drugged. It is real, the guy is serving life in prison. His name is luka mangotta (not 100% on the spelling of the last name) before this video he did like 3 or 4 videos of him killing kittens in different ways


It’s definitely real, watch “don’t fuck with cats” on Netflix the program is about the person who did this


Ya and when he cut his leg no blood


He already bled out dumbass


there is less blood splatter around the post-mortem wounds because the blood pressure is lower when the heart is not pumping, So you wont see much blood pooling and staining around the leg


You can clearly see the dude is dead before hand his throat is already cut when dude stabs him I didn’t want to believe this would still be on the internet it’s insane honestly the poor family

Joe Smith

It’s not fake they did a whole documentary on it on Netflix dumb shit

fucking killer go damn ur hell

it’s almost real. the man who was cut was a poor gay.. the killer was married in prison..

Don’t ask..

It’s real all right.. search up luka megnata u will see..
And look on Netflix ‘don’t f*ck with cats’


You’re an idiot. The guy has been arrested for the crime. Do your homework before you say something like that so you don’t look like an asshat

regular guy

Very real this video was made to make this guy famous and it did, he spends his days now in prison where i hope a badass china man beats his skull inside out one day.


bruh, this is 100% real, just search luka magnotta


Very real my dude. Theres a whole documentary about it and the guys in prison


Do research before you talk.


This’ real yu dumb shit


He was already dead when he’s cutting him up. He had been drugged beforehand. Unfortunately it’s completely real. Watch “Don’t f*ck With Cats” On Netflix. He tortured cats then this dude. He mailed body parts around the world. He’s in prison right now.


Its fucking real. A few days later officials found the torso of the man in a suitcase, the arms and legs in the trash, the hands and feet were mailed to the prime minister of Canada and a elementary school with notes. the body was also identified. If that’ not ‘real’ enough for you, there is a documententary called ‘dont fuck with cats ‘ on Netflix about it. Its real as shit.


wtf are you talking boot
Willis? Its a well documented case. He drugged the guy beforehand. He dismembered the body afterwards and then mailed the body parts to The Parliament building in Ottawa Canada…V


You are a 100% spaz I hope u choke to death

sheep brain

hard to imagine a human could do this to another human being until you look at the behavior of the other apes. recalls to mind a chimpanzee eating and passing around the carcass of a small tree monkey.


Watched the documentary… didn’t see this video all the way through… where his head?? Also python vid?who is other man?? I’ve been Ed witnessed anything like that I thought it would all be deleted by now…. jeez

Hamza Khurma

His name is Luka Magnotta, He killed 2 cats with a vacuum Bag, and killed an asian man who was in this video and his name was Jun Lin.
He’s a psycho and got caught from the help of Internet Nerds who solved the mystery before the police did, but the police wouldn’t listen to what they had to say and to the information they have about Luka Magnotta


I still wanna know who’s two dark skinned hands were in the python video?

Last edited 1 day ago by Mazza
Simon Brown

Totally real, the guy already had his throat slit. Watch the documentary about it on netflix called don’t fuck with cats ( the murder started off torturing cats ) the guy was a self obsessed, serial movie freak who acted out the films basically. That’s why I was curious to see this video as obviously they dont show you it on netflix. His very first video was called 1 guy 2 cats or 1 guy 2 kittens where he kills 2 kittens. I won’t be watching that.


So you can watch someone kill a man for 10 minutes, but kittens is where you draw the line???


No. He killed the kittens first. A Facebook group that were like PETA or some shit tried to find him and then learned more about him along the way leading up to the murder.


yes. humans are more disturbing to watch die, kittens produce more emotion because they are defenseless…


Why was Luka not given the death penalty? I read that he got a life sentence without parole for the first 25 years. I seriously hope he never gets out. The cat videos were bad enough but this was over the top. I’m sure his family will never recover especially with this awful video still online. RIP Jun Lin.


Sorry for my bad English. Because there’s not death penalty in Canada. Regards


He is my cousin, I hope he leave this place soon


Yeah some random anon is lukas cousin


this is disgusting


Is many,


Luka Magnotta. ❤️

Karen Díaz

Hold up ?????? What are you tryna say ?


your a sick fuck


You are stupid definitely

Evan Short

I hope you get mercilessly stabbed to death


only me who got excited and hungry watching this video?


Nah I do too mate


Ok weirdo!


This is pure art


I know right? People don’t appreciate beauty anymore. <3


You are fucking sick! Burn in hell together with Luka bitch.


Lol imagine yall both get killed,, that would be beauty.


even by Hannibal Lecter standard, this is nasty af


I just gonna spit on u when I gonna see both of u


Como faco pra baixar o video


why is there no blood


Because hes dead why dont people get this,, of they are dead no blood flowing anymore,, the nerves stopped

Just Sayin

Perhaps because not everyone knows the anatomy and process of death, because they don’t wake up everyday next to dying and/or dead corpses?


lol even dead corpses if you dismember the body there would still be blood flowing
edit: i did notice his head had been cut off, maybe blood had been dripped off all

Last edited 3 days ago by pi3.14

I think the reason people find this so gross and can’t watch it is because they never seen a man kill another man, I mean you see it in war and in movies and stuff but never like this, true bloody scars on a body while the person is lying there dead. It’s the same with animals we just see it as normal, they don’t but we don’t know what goes through their mind or if they even think.


i think it is because this is tagged as “REAL” so people find it gross. if it is not, it is just considered a horrible&gross movie (like cannibal holocaust etc..) which doesn’t deserve views

Lucynda Lemons

No no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no why please someone burn this man alive this feels so surreal I don’t wanna


There’s no blood because he was dead, meaning no blood flow


активность 🙂

I think im psyco

Wow i… i just really saw this… im… wow… im happy that i saw this dont know why… iwe wanted to see this for so long… it started at the document…. or what its called… i just cabt handle it…


Ur wierd…


Before Magnotta used the ice pick, the man was already dead. His throat was slashed almost decapitated (before he really did decapitate him). Not sure if that was when Magnotta was on top of him so we didn’t see his throat slashed. But after he stabs him with the ice pick (screwdriver), he pans the camera up to show his neck. Not the sickest thing, watching his kitten videos are horrible. Plus the screwdriver killers in Russia was the worst I’ve seen.


The video of the other killers was worse in my opinion too. Just because the guy there was still alive and tried to raise his arms when they…. well you know. This video here is horrible as well,of course. RIP. my curiosity got the better of me, I’m sorry. Shouldn’t have watched the videos

John Smith

i cant believe i watched the whole video without skipping


…well now i know i have a necrophilia fetish
low key mad at the quality of the video
i dont like luca magnotta though, hes a dumb narcissistic fuck. like he just acted so dumb and reckless because he was so desperate for attention and fame. idiot


So you would have sex with a dead body?…. LOl
I’ve watched shit like that but wouldn’t actually do it

Just Sayin

Let’s just hope that person just means they have a fetish for watching the act of necrophilia.


same lol, i had to confess that i also have a fetish of watching dismember action videos but i would not want to do it real life duh

Are u dumb

This was real…. there’s a Netflix movie about it called don’t fuck with cats

I hate killers

Sick as fuck this is very unfortunate it’s still on the web.


im not surprised to see some Magnotta’s admirers in the comment


Ikr I wanna fuck this idiots




I miss ur mom when she was on my bed u idiot


Makes me wonder.. if the people gave him the acting job, would he had done this to make his own ‘movie’?


I’m thinking the same thing. He was desperately looking for attention. Even this video shows he was doing everything to make this as horrific as possible. Random cuts, stabbs, masturbating with the guy’s cut arm, animal eating the body (what was that actually? a dog? I couldn’t see). I can’t see any hate towards this poor Chinese guy. Nor the joy of killing. It’s sick what he’s done but he did it because he wanted to be famous and he made sure people would hear about him. He even left his labeled suitcase on the airport with Jun’s body inside… Read more »


well, when we are too desperated, we’ll do anything to cure the situation. as me i think i could understand his situation, im a so-called fame seeker, sometimes i put drama and make hating comments in order to be noticed lol


Это все в открытом доступе пиздец




This was actually real… if you go onto netflix they’ve now made a documentary called “don’t fuck with cats” Luka Magnotta originally made videos murdering cats and then went on to murdering Jun Lin. This footage is the real deal guys do you’re research! It’s awful!


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Nigga, you literally made an account on this site


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U fat idiots how can u tell it’s not real he even fucked the dead body and feed the hes ass to the dog and later the dog got killed how it not real and the tucker is in jail u fuckin dumb ass


Here after the Netflix Docu. Didn’t watched the whole video but it should be removed out off Respect for the family.


Who let me watch this when i was 12 😂

Mikey kk l

I had no words. I’m speechless……..

Me acabo de dar cuenta que me gusta esta pagina

Tengo hambre mis panas😔😔


Poor guy… I hope Luka burns in hell! I don’t even believe in hell, but if it does exist, that’s where Luka deserves to be.