31 thoughts on “A Mexican police and his son brutally tortured to death by Cartel”

  1. Eu says:

    Jesus Christ is my saviour and I believe that even those people have the chance of salvation! Praying!

    1. EstmyAss says:

      Lmao, it’s all about the biology book, no god, ALL SCIENCE

      1. SOMEONE says:

        Science cannot prove everything jajaja…I just love how you people think that humans really know what the fuck happened back then

        1. big jack mcgee says:

          actually science doesn’t claim to know all the answers. Religion does. science only proves whats provable and is constantly asking questions…. religion doesn’t have to prove anything because its considered heresy to question the beliefs of your religion.

      2. Sickppl says:

        And who created science? Do you have a smart answer for that also?

    2. NiggaWhat says:

      You think people who do shit like this have the chance of “salvation”? You are almost as fucked up as them.

    3. Kryten4k says:

      Eu sorry but you are basically an Idiot. This sort of suffering goes on every day and if any Man was like God would be regarded as a child abuser through complete neglect since this is allowed to happen. A God that turns a blind eye to this is a psychopath with no care for humanity. So many children cry out to your pathetic ‘God’ with no answer…..which could lead one to believe that there is in fact no god….. There is no God here only suffering. Good luck with the meaningless praying and the excuses you will make for your fake ‘god’ but the reality is that nothing changes when you pray or plead to a non existent god. Real justice is made by us humans and not a fabricated entity.

  2. Fuck you says:

    I’m getting the police the FBI and CIA on this website to shut it down. Fuck you faggot

    1. vvntisocivll says:

      No fuck u faggatron 4000 pussy cant handle a little bit of gore and blood haaa.. I pity you.. weak pathetic little girl.

      1. Unknown says:

        A little bit?? But this shit doesn’t faze me or gross me out, it pisses me off because well you know.

    2. vvntisocivll says:

      No fuck u faggatron 4000 pussy cant handle a little bit of gore and blood haaa.. I pity you.

  3. Wet Backs says:

    Dirty Mexicans. 3rd world wet back monkeys. I would love to drop napalm all over your country.

    1. your dad says:

      Fuck uf fucking moron

    2. Fuck Mexicans says:

      Yea fuck the dirty Mexicans then can get their dirty ass out of the country and fucking burn

  4. dexter says:

    Holy I found this so satisfying, but atleast the freed the boy and the father. Such interessting stuff please more

    1. Rellik70 says:

      Tryna act tough eh?

  5. Nasty Nate says:

    This is the most brutal killing I have seen. No mercy at all. A lot of pain. God rest their sou!s.

  6. Dumb says:

    All of them deserve the same treatment as those two men

  7. John says:

    God don’t exist… according to new law he cannot allow it…old law he could… but comon…this no..god read hustler during that time or what???

  8. Paco says:

    These men will have thier day in hell also :).

    1. Anti-Christ says:

      there is no “Lord and Savior” in my world

  9. Mr.k says:

    Haha that was hella brutal but they talk funny, still they do have a rock instead a heart xDDD

  10. FELLAS says:

    it’s sad to see he was still alive while they torture him. fucking ‘murica backed cartel terrorists.

  11. Kryten4k says:

    Cowards. Killing a defenseless child proves that criminals are the dumbest of the dumbest.

    1. a white male says:

      you know what’s dumbest of the dumbest your mom, Mexicans, and retards.

  12. Trenton says:

    This has to be the most disturbing video on here…fucking cartel bastards. That poor boy…incredible that he could still be alive after having a huge chunk of him carved out… this video made me want to hurl

  13. Unknown says:

    I pretty sure half of you guys are pychopaths and the rest are just people who wants attention. But there are the normal people. I’m young, and i know what’s wrong and what’s not, and pretty sure you guys are fucking older than me!!! Yes I find people death funny, but if it something like this, i’m pissed off. The people that put “lol” on here are probably those fucking stupid, autistic meme people!!

  14. a white male says:

    to bad I’m not Mexican but who cares about Mexico, I think we should blow the place up and fuck Mexicans.

    I’m going to play cod now

  15. Sickppl says:

    I doubt many of these sick killers will be saved by god. Too far gone in there savage hearts i’d bet on.

  16. Passerby says:

    I’m surprised at most of the comments about this video. I’ve never watched something like this. I stumbled apon it while searching on Google for something else entirely. The tags associated with these videos reach far and wide! I resolved to watch it, because I’m sheltered here in America and, for the most part, I don’t mind that immigrants come to live here, even illegally. After seeing this, I understand more why people from those regions come in record numbers across the border illegally! But…I also have the full understanding on why half of this country wants those borders closed! In my heart I’m conflicted. Those suffering human beings. Now to think on it hurts me. I do not want these cruel people to be able to freely operate in America! I don’t want this happening anywhere, but we have a responsibility in this country to protect the people who were born here. Because that…we can do! It’ll never be stopped entirely, but closing those borders will make things better. How could those living here in this country oppose a closed border that will provide more protection to it’s people. It’s irresponsible and thoughtless not to!
    Thoughts on this video:
    That father was very brave! I felt his resolve to accept his death and refusal to fight it, knowing it would only cause him and his son more suffering. That kind of acceptance could have only came to him years before something like that actually happened. But that poor boy… Nothing can express the pain I felt for him in my heart! He fought so hard to hang on! His life force would not leave him until his heart was completely ripped out! I’m not Christian and I do not debate such things. They are no longer suffering… But many still are. People need to see this! People need to understand what human beings are capable of in a world of survival. The majority of people over there that commit these acts are trying to survive as well, and are caught up in a world of which, most people here in America couldn’t even imagine!

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