Mina the dog got her front leg hacked off by her owner. The owner who is a Vietnamese, let her dog roams around freely and chasing neighbor’s chickens and ducks for years. The neighbors furiously threatened to kill the dog if they got their hands on her which resulting the Vietnamese owner chops off the dog’s leg.

Mina is now living happily at the rescue shelter.

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killing fags etc is ok…but animals? damn…


And lesbians need killing to right 🖕

Also im 17 about to b 18 and get a gun pass

To be honest.
I don’t like dogs either, but still if you really have to hurt your Pet you
1. Didn’t Raise it Right
2. All in the world they have is you so why to hurt them.

We all just in here in this Journey making in through and ending it eventually.

I really should take a pause from these sites but I can’t, I want to see what the fuck is going around in this world

Shut the fuck up

The dog isn’t theirs. Read the damn description.

Damian Damian

I can watch anything involving humans. I dont see any reason to have interest or curiosity about the torture of animals. I wish this site would adopt a no animal torture policy like other gore sites.


I would cut her fucking throat And burn her alive evil women feel sick watching that

I’m gonna cry

I hope she rots in hell for hurting the poor thing


What the fuck.. if the dog can speak.. fuck you

camilo jimenez

by the dog’s shriek it doesn’t look real fake


Du Bastard , Du bist genau so abartiger Menschenabfall wie der Rest dieser verfluchten Sorte Mensch!! Kein Herz


Why that’s not ok you should be in jail and how is that dog calm its not looking like it’s in extreme pain


Man that is so fucking sick too do something like that it was so helpless 😥


“waaa the poor doggooo pupperinooo”
grow up


no u-


Fuck u gfhf where are you from anyway? Tell me i want to know u gonna tell me pussy


If I saw someone do that, she wouldn’t be in this world anymore.. I would kill her in the most painful death fucking possible.
Dogs don’t know any better for what they do and their actions, regardless of what the dog did.


If I ever find this woman, I will cut off every single part of her body lansgam and jellyfish.


Well going to Vietnam and bringing my machete. Let’s see how this bitch likes getting her hand chopped off.


Velha fdp do caralho… da um tiro de magnum na buceta arrombada Dela e depois arranca às mão


If she did that to my dog i would choke her out then chop off all her limbs and beat her to death with my hands. Try me bitch.

Gay Faggot

Look at the edgy faggots who complain about gore on a site called Seegore. Are y’all retarded, or just women hitting the big 5-0? Y’all like watching people die but animals are no-go? What a bunch of pussies. Either all death is good or none of it is.


That was unessasary… By the way to all of you saying you would kill this woman, that makes you exactly like her if you did. I’m not defending either side by saying this was cruel, and the replies of killing are disturbing. When you seek to hurt one who hurts… Do you think that makes you a better person because ‘they did it first’ ? … But i do hope she goes to the firey pits of hell when she dies and stays there.

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Fuck off prick! She fucking deserves it


why would they do that, the dog was crying after she did that