Indian boy crushed to death in a lift


Indian boy crushed to death in a lift 3

Dharavi, India – The boy, identified as Hozefa Shaikh, had taken the lift to his fourth floor home and while getting out of it, got stuck between its outer and inner doors. He later slowly crushed by the moving lift.

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Holy shit



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Hope something like this happens to you in front of your parents 🙂

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Well we are on a gore site after all it doesn’t excuse their actions and your right but on a gore site there’s bound to be fucked up people


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Ali Rizvi

Why are you using such a racial language just behave yourself

Ali Rizvi

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Ali Rizvi

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I hope so too but sadly he doesn’t have parents🥺poor guys acting like a 7 yrs old cuz theres nobody to teach him good morals

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Why 😂😂😂


Yours too


youre on a fucking gore site and you see someone liking the gore… WHAT WHAT HOW WOULD THAT BE POSSIBLE 😮


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That’s life amirite?

Ill laugh harder watching the other 2 punks be stoned to death.



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bro I literally muttered “holy shit” and went quiet, then I scrolled down and immediately saw your comment. Followed of course by the miserable fucks who pretend its funny for shock value because they think its cool and edgy. Poor kid, his friends should not have been so careless to leave him there, I certainly wouldn’t have let him. I used to have elevators like that in an apartment when I was going to college in Boston. No way I’d let one of my kids near an elevator like that un-accompanied if I could help it.

Rafał Zalewski

haha u must have had a lot of caffeine to write this response 😀 for his short lol




Stop being such a fucker 🖕🖕🖕 god dam

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Why are you here then? Do you really think we’re here to say….awwwww……these things really suck? NO!!!! We’re all demented pricks that have a very dark sense of humor and are gonna laugh at this crap. Was it a shame for the lil guy?? Of friggin course it is. We do STILL have feelings. BUT seeing his head disappear and probably go POP….will make us chuckle our asses off!!!! So if this crap gets you triggered…..don’t look or go forward.

A Guy

Damn bro, you really are crazy.


Thank buddy….. I try!!


What’s your real name

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No, he was a emo edgy loser who acts tough online. Like all betamale losers

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True that. Incels love projecting those betamale macho loser vibes, if only they knew how pathetic that makes them look.


Amen brother


Amen brother!

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Who is this “we” you cunt bitch? You don’t like people like me. Because you know deep….DEEP down inside, you find it incredibly funny but can’t say it because you friends or mammy or pappy may be looking and will decide that you….you smell sand ni**** may just be a lil fucked up to be here. Faces ripped off & watching people getting their throats slashed don’t bother you BUT let some dumb kid get his head squished like a grape and now it’s….Oh My Goooood…. I personally think that when you saw sonny boys head pop…..your dick got hard… Read more »


I don’t usually laugh at these type of videos. But this one in particular because kids are involved in the vid. Nahhh nothing funny ab it. RIP TO MY LIL G

Last edited 2 years ago by TuRealidad

Yo your my type of person tho agree with you some people need to understand that some of us like to watch this when have nothing to do cuz we find these videos satisfying


Cool buddy!!
It’s like….what the hell are you doing here if you’re not gonna read some REALLY dark shit about anyone & anything!!!
Thanks brother!! Stay safe buddy!!


I wonder what his body looks like after his remains where pulled out his head must look like a squished grape or a flat basketball.


With his eyes on the other side of the elevator….lol


hope you die bro ngl


What the actual fuck




Dude are you ok??? Therapy is free where’s your respect for human life??? My god. I mean I like looking a gore but that’s because it’s interesting, not because it’s funny, if you think watching people die is funny you sir have unresolved issues you need to deal with shit.


It’s interesting, not funny. Dude please…THAT is the biggest bunch of crap I’ve heard! Death is interesting? Heads rolling….interesting? Come on….you (along with the rest of us fuck ups) get off on seeing this shit. And fuck yea it’s funny! If I can get a hearty chuckle outta some 3rd world kiddos head exploding like a over ripe melon on a hot summer in stinky India….then I is-a gonna chuckle my ass off!! Fuck it – show me part two when they go get em and the town is screaming like banshees! So please buddy…as his head was stuck, you… Read more »

Your grandmas ashes

Bro you’re kinda fucking insane. A lot of people watch gore videos because it’s interesting to see. Not because we like laughing our balls off to some kid dying. Any person that has common sense knows that you’re demented as fuck. Get some help bro and it’s not funny with your edgy 21 year old remarks. Go outside buddy.

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so true his head reminded me of a octopus fitting inside a small gap


Im being honest with you it was bad for the lil guy but I couldnt help but fucking burst out laughing cuz in my head he went “Budump Budmp” and then crackle its so mean but so mf funny


Nah bruh you just some edge lord civilian that doesn’t understand what it means to die

Saya Black



finally someone who fucking cares and isn’t saying “lol” like its fucking funny


It really is though

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no it isn’t, you edgy psychotic retard


But it is funny. lol


yeah to you you sick piece of shit i hope this happens to one of your siblings one day then you wont be laughing demented cunt


I agree, like I came here because a friend showed me this and he thought this website was funny literally everything I see is either someone getting there heads chopped off or there heads blown off, I just don’t understand why the government lets people post these type of things.


Finally sensible person among all these ghetto, neckbeards loders.


watched so many fucked videos today and none made me react like this. rip to that little boy :/


you are right but the funniest part of this website is the comments of these shitheaded trolls so dont try to talk someone in to something here,
its like talking to a potato

asmr edou

He was screaming his head off.

The brazilian explains

That’s why i never take elevator i always use the stairs


exactly what I said




Lmfao what an edgy cunt with parental issues at least show respect RIP the kid




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Whats so funny you dumb fuck?



Last edited 2 years ago by Sibxujxyj

This isn´t the place form morals


he dead, dead. xD


Shut the fuck up, dude. 🙄

Stop being a piece of shit. An innocent child was killed in a clearly horrific fashion. Show just a TOUCH of respect.


yet u watched it?


It is not because we look, that we endorse.


respect lmaoo, yea right my bad. tf are these kids gonna tell their mom xD


Karma’s a bitch, dickhole.


tf could a kid that you could’ve done to deserve that kind of death asshole??


it could be your brother shut up


right, could be. aint tho


Se fosse você no lugar da criança eu sorrir tambem


Aprende a escrever kamila


vá em frente


So edgy


Is this funny to you


idk how many years ago this was i hop the same thing that happened to that kid happens to your stupid ass, burn in hell you piece for dog shit

anonymous 13131414

imagine just trying to pull a prank on your sibling/friend and they end up dying a very painful death-


Okay, see…I was questioning that as well. Was it a prank you think? Because you could see them briefly on the other side right before the door shut. Or did they genuinely just not notice he was still in there while somebody on another floor went to use the elevator at that moment?


i dont think someone called the elevator cuz one of the girls pressed a random button before


It was, they tried locking him in and sending him to another floor, harmless really. But he got stuck and died. These elevators were discontinued decades ago but some places still use it


It’s mostly the elevators shitty design that got him killed the big door next to the iron bars are too heavy for a single kid to push open thus why he got stuck


Also I realized both his siblings kept putting force on the door from the other side after they closed it thats why he couldn’t open the door

Cya love

Jesus, i’m so sorry you had to die like this buddy

Rafał Zalewski

but u like that dont u that is what u came here to see ^^


you know there’s a difference between curiousity and straight up being a sadist, right? or are you that stupid?


nah but apparently you are faggot

nota pigeon

omg……can you imagine having your child die like that???? that’s horrible this made me CRY!!!


I bet he looks like a red curry now


You asshole. Sick fuck. But i can’t help but laugh.

Cya love

“Fuck you, take my upvote”


You’re a stupid abortion-shoulda-been

Sebastian Avila

That is insanely a fucked up comment but I bet or he is just a brain, rest in peace


Dumbass 🙄


Instead of him, you should be in that position. You are a insignificant dumbass.


Stay winning king


100th dislike!


You Fucking Bitch at Least Show some Fucking Respect

Last edited 5 months ago by josh



Are you autistic, or what?


probably, its clear that people that leave comments like that are genuinely miserable people, anti-social and disturbed. Either a kid that was ruthlessly bullied and is ugly af and lonely so they lash out because in real life they are disliked and shunned by their peers, or they were someone abused by their parents who does themselves the bullying, they can’t cope with what they are seeing infront of them and so they form a façade of indifference, but honestly just through some basic psychological analysis, you can know for a fact that the people who leave comments like that,… Read more »

Last edited 2 years ago by Smokey


Waffle House

I think I can see that


Instead of that kid, you should be in that position. You are a insignificant and disrespectful little fuck.


But We`re not that stupid as you or this kid are/were

Adolf hitler



hitler killed himself though

Rafał Zalewski

lloll adolf ? loll

Jacob Fitzwater

i cant even describe what i feel like




Thank you,come again.

Jordan McDonagh

Play stupid games win stupid prizes. The kid was an idiot, he had it coming


dude what the fuck his siblings closed the door on him you dumbass watch the video again and see


Look at the beginning of the video. Door has some spring mechanism


Yeah you’re right siblings didn’t shut d door , the door has really some spring mechanism & the kid just couldn’t push it or he didn’t have enough time to do so…


Why the fuck would they add that? That’s so stupid…

Fuck you

I’ll kill you and your family


can you just kill my “family” and save me so I won`t have to kill you in self-defence?


Did you really just call a 5 yrs old a idiot, and for something he wasnt even doing and playing? How dumb you are is unbelievable…


but he`s an idiot lol


Its a kid bruh… What the hell is your problem? Hijo de la gran mil putas.


Darwin awards don’t discriminate by age.


So I would normally agree, except it was a 5 year old who didn’t know jack about how elevators work. You really cannot hold him acocuntable for that. He made a mistake that a lot of children would. I know that 5 year old me wouldn’t have reacted any better to the situation.

La milanesa con papas

que pendejo, sin embargo, me dio un poco de pena que doloroso debió haber sido y aqui me pregunto y los padres??

Sebastian Avila

Shut the fuck why won’t you go there with your corrupt police and government in Mexico you will probably die in that place and I hope you die fucking smartass


Did you ever understand what he said, jerkface?

Sebastian Avila

look joe this is gonna happen to you hijo de tu puta madre so get out territory hijo te tu perra madre

Sebastian Avila

Smh my stupid fucking brother acting like a supermaist lmao smh god damn

That guy from the bar

“UsA iS fUlL oF kIlLeRs, DrUgS AnD gUnS” shut up wetback




He might not of died. But he definitely fell

Sebastian Avila

Well getting crushed to death will mean your brain gets destroyed and maybe his organs or legs may of made it but I don’t know //:0


It says he died in the news article…No one would survive that.


Are you legitimately mentally handicapped? he was CRUSHED to death. There is NO way he could have survived to that. Even his skull was completely destroyed by the end of the video.

my dick is sad

tare ce sa zic

Cya love

This is what police deal with. First ones on scene are police. First ones to see this shit, police. They deal with so much tragedy and sadness. Next time you say acab think about the officer who responded to this and had to pull this poor kid out of the elevator shaft.

Sebastian Avila

Yeah I think it was the kid who closed the door on him who accidentally made him die, honestly Rest In Peace ✌️ I’m going to stop watching kids dies and people getting beheaded the only things I enjoy is rapists getting murdered or tortured


It’s still acab sorry. This was in India and Indian police don’t murder innocent people like the ones in America do. This is still sad and painful to watch.

Anonymous 8819

…And how exactly would you know that?


I have many friends from India and they said the polices there beat the shit out of people if they don’t cooperate. Just because a few incidents happened in America doesn’t mean the polices in the U.S. are bad.


We’ll see if you say ACAB after getting someone murdered by cop on your eyes

Maurice Beaujon

I guess the other kids wanted to prank him by closing the door. But HOLY SHIT. That’s probably one of the worst and most painful ways a human can die. I can’t imagine how the video must be with sound. RIP for that kid.


Probably sounded like **crunch** AHHHHHHHHHH! **crack** **skrrrrrrrrrrr**

K Fign.



Bruh… Maurice said he couldn’t imagine what it sounded like. Sniff gave him an example of what he thinks it sounded like. Why exactly are you triggered? Go back to twitter.


os amigos dele mataram ele com essa brincadeira idiota, cada um merecia perder o mindinho pra aprender que a estupider mata

Pare de assistir gore

Fiquei muito mal em ver que essa criança morreu por um motivo tão estúpido… 💔😓

Yousef Bahrami

1. Where’s the safety features of lifts and having sensors with doors closing fully before moving and
2. Why arnt they supervised


because this is the norm in a mostly poor country such as india


Dude you know what first of all in india all lifts are not like these , these lifts were used in old times, if you see lifts in other cities of India they are just the normal modern lifts with the sensors etc and yeah before calling india poor , I want to tell you that the people think whole india is rural and poor and uneducated dirty not modern .. it’s not like that BTW rip to the child and yeah the ppl cracking jokes in the comments about him, you will die a bad death mark my words


Omg, shut the actual fuck up. No one said the entirety of India had people living in mud houses, starving to death. He said it’s a poor country, which it is because most of the population there is poor. Also, if you can’t tolerate people cracking jokes in the comment of a GORE site, just don’t read the comments. Actually, just… Don’t use the site.

A gay dude

If you live in a shit country, you have to live with shit. This kid didn’t deserve to die, especially not in this sick way. But India is a shithole with a corrupt government.

May the people get redeption sooner or later

Red dead

Exactly, the faggot above me describes it well but poor doesn’t always mean shithole

Jose Tamayo

Those fuckimg kids did that shit on purpose, shit if I was the father i would kill those kids


I’m so confused though…? I’m guessing his siblings…?

But were they on the other side messing around with him by trying to keep the door closed? Or did they genuinely not notice and he somehow got locked in there…while simultaneously somebody on another floor went to use it?

Sebastian Avila

I honestly think the girl locked the door on him, I think she thought she was funny or cool, she is not cool is she did it on purpose honestly Rest In Peace to the kid.

Jay S.

Next floor, Heaven and children’s apparel!

Nicole Matthews

Yeah kids should NOT be playing in lifts. The mother needs her ASS BEAT FOR LETTING THAT BABY GO OFF without an adult. BUT, I’d OWN whatever Company it was that made that lift. BECAUSE, when the 3 of them got in the lift, the 6th floor button was already set to go to the 6th floor. They went to the 5th. That’s all that was pushed, And you seen what happened!! LAWSUIT……

Stinky anus

What about a law onesie?


bldo cómo lo descargo¿


No door knob? Maybe other kids shut the door not let him in just to prank on him but then someone call the elevator.

Con mẹ mày

Lmao lần đầu tao thấy là mấy thằng cmt trong đây có đạo đức đấy, toàn mấy thằng bệnh không??

doe shi

i wanna see the body. can there be a part 2


Yeah same, surely there is a video of the body being removed. We deserve to see it

What the fuck is this

Oh my fucking god i think this is the most horrific and the most painfully way someone can die. Holy shit i am sorry you had to go through this little one

A gay dude

At least it was somewhat quick.


Most likely not very painful because your mind would just be racing and you might lose consciousness from the shock of getting your leg succed.


Damn i getting a boner from seeing this..please more of that stuff


You’re sick or you’re a freaking troll. Which one is the worse?

A gay dude

My, you are one edgy little faggot, aren’t you?


Man that’s sick


Hahahaha would been easier to abort the thick cunts but I would repeat this over 😂😂. If you can’t handle gore get the fuck out pussies!!


We’re all here—we’re handling the gore just fine.

But that doesn’t mean we all have to be insensitive and bigoted pricks like yourself. 🙄

venezuelan gasoline crisis

Says the one with mental retardation. Shut the fuck up you insensitive prick, u don’t even know how life works and how sad this is, u emotionless asshole.


What the hell are you talking about


Immagine their parents reaction after watching this footage 🥺🥺


What the…

Ur dad