John Mohn deleted YouTube video


A Pennsylvania man, 33, was arrested after allegedly posting a disturbing video holding his father’s severed head online. Police discovered the headless body in a Middletown Township home following a death report Tuesday evening. The victim’s remains were found in an upstairs bathroom.

Investigators detained a “person of interest” two hours away in Lebanon County, believed to be the victim’s youngest son. The video, titled “Mohn’s Militia – Call to Arms for American Patriots,” showed the man lifting the severed head, claiming it belonged to his father, a federal employee of over 20 years.

The disturbing clip, shared on YouTube, featured the man, identified as Justin Mohn, delivering an unhinged rant against the government, aligned with QAnon conspiracy theories. Mohn faces charges of first-degree murder, abuse of corpse, and possessing instruments of crime, according to police records.

The video, titled “Mohn’s Militia – Call to Arms for American Patriots,” was posted to YouTube around 5:30 p.m. and appears to have been recorded in a bedroom where Mohn seems to be reading from a written manifesto on his computer screen.

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dumb little white boy

Last edited 20 days ago by killpedos101

The head’s fake btw. Nose too big, lips too big, etc. it’s so fake af


dawg he got arested


you know false imprisonment is a thing right?

Albert Einstein

Yes, and this is not one of them

Laurie Naughtin

It’s called ‘decomposition’.



A gay dude

Go back to Tumblr young one, you aren’t ready to face the shit and cruelty that is shown on this website.


You know another about Tumblr don’t you

A gay dude

Fuck that place. And fuck the WIFI password and WIFI password supporters in there, especially the fucking T!



A gay dude

As a white boy, I do admit he has a very punchable face.. Kind of want to slap him so hard that his lazy eye corrects itself.


Nope, your a wigger anf have a very decaptibal head

Deez nuts

He’s not wrong about all the stuff he says but i DON’t think beheading was the answer

Quack, Jack

He is reading his manifesto like a newscasters wet dream. It’s a tricky circumstance for us, granted the Jewish trick worked to get a family member to strike their own over purely deceptive policy/agenda/posturing/brow beating (brow bluffing in my court case tehehe) but he did give the remaining white male government employees something to chew on… and their wives something to make lite of and carry on like their husbands are in control.

the man with a plan

nigga you on seegore wtf do you expect.


And on YouTube btw



Last edited 11 days ago by Frank

Bro is right

A gay dude

Killing his dad, ranting about politics, reading a manifesto he didn’t even bother to memorize.. And funniest of all… Thinking he has a whole fucking militia backing him up? No, he’s a loser. Even 4chan /pol trolls have more self respect than this guy.


Killing a murderous bastard living off the tax payer printing his check while everyone dies due to their actionsions such as the border crisis which is killing hundreds children included, but thats not an issue to you wankstains, just the corruot being killeed then you care. No, he had the balls to be a winner and do whst was right, ,4Chan is a far lefft shitwhole and has been for years fuck what they think. He had self respect thts why he killed him knowing the harm his father has caused


SEUNG HUI CHO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Osama Bin Laden

Haha, American civil war goes brr

Daniel Gauthier

tellement con ce mec bravo ta détruit ta vie pauvre cloche


Lmfao, faggot father deserved it, i also killed my parents amd evaded the cops

A gay dude

Fuck off back to TikTok kiddo, you are way too young to be on this website.

the man with a plan

faggot, i should airdrop you to Saudi Arabia to get stoned, cracker.

A gay dude

I mean, they pretty much stone anything nowadays… Well, or delve in decapitations in the more civilized parts.

Me sucking dicks wouldn’t even make it to the headline in Saudi Arabia as the reason for being stoned. I fucking thank baby Jesus that I live in a country where I or anyone normally don’t have to worry about being lynched for any reason.

Annoying that the goatfucker apes keep coming here though…


pls you wish you were that smart to get away with that

God and Allah anal sex

Lol you are just a kid masturbating, your lies can only scare kindergarteners


where tf is he holding his fathers head hes just talking 14 mins straight

No name

At the start

Laurie Naughtin

Makes some sense…


whats bro yapping ab 😭


The tuth 100% all of it, if you lived in a border town and had to sffer the millions of illegals in the borderr and you wherre fighting for your life you would get it

Quack, Jack

I live in Fort Worth, beanerville USA, illegals are thieves yes, but they don’t do nigger shit in events and public (Dallas…) and get people killed in the most selfish/blameless ways. Browns have a delayed empathy filter, in general, nogs have no spine watsoeva


I’m glad this is here 🙂


agree with him!!

Jimmy joe bob

a true american patriot

A gay dude

We should just put guys like these with the woke mob in a pit and watch them tear each other apart. That’d be a lovely sight, like Squid game!


This shit funny dawg


Bro I wouldn’t do this to my horrible father. Dude’s suffering from delusions and/or paranoia


Everything he said was correct. The dumb little black toddlers, are triggered this man can see US for what is, White far left men living in extreme riched at the expense and lifes of the tax payer, this man was correct and thode opposing him need chopped too along with the illegal aliens or us will be north korea in a few years. Fake outrage over the defence mercy kill of his ,’father’ when BLM and antifa and criminals murrder on mass and are relased


Could be fake h3ad


Does he know that the Jews are behind the federal government?

Quack, Jack

If he did, he would have killed his mom instead (for being a Jew-lover and a horr)

The british

I can understand this Youngman’s view as American kill American and the way the once glorious united states of America has slowly fallen. This is the direct fault of your founding fathers George Washington and his rebellious cohorts traitors to the last one and all. Now you can reap what you sow its all your own fault for wanting independence you should of stayed within the family of empire and all would of been sorted over time. If this is the only way to purify and sanctify a once great nation then so be it let it be written so… Read more »


Why is this idiot so fucking thirsty? lmao
dur dur


crazy amount of yapping going on


R.i.p dad….

Last edited 13 days ago by 28sk8masturb8

Whelp…no open casket for him

White Power

Obvious CIA NlGGER psyop.
White Power 1488

Quack, Jack

If the psyops aim is to achieve nothing at all maybe? Wtf does it mean to me if a FBI son kills a FBI dad? Killed him with a knife to apparently, maybe if New England was a mirror of Britain (possible) it would make sense to condemn knives after successfully grabbing your guns

da hell you talkin to

No way in hell he has 10 million dollars


This guy makes it too easy to hate him. I know what God should do to him. I bet this loser couldn’t get pussy even if he bought it. And people say us women talk too much.


Its time for me to kill the gays a kill Joe Biden


fuck off homophobe scum

A gay dude

No, kill trans people and every fucking letter after the LBG. That’s where your problem is, a man fucking a man isn’t that big a deal, and unless you are insecure about your own sexuality, it shouldn’t really bother you.

Now, a man walking into a girl’s changing room where there are little girls however, with many people supporting the man’s “right” to walk into the room where nude little girls are… That is disgusting. Fuck trans, and fuck the WIFI password movement.


I’d smash


sigh… americans…


I came here from a video I saw on Facebook. SeeGore didn’t disappoint 🙂


He cut he’s head real nice I think he used a very sharp blade but killed him first before beheading him but what I don’t understand is why he didn’t drop the head in acid to remove the flesh from the head until it becomes a nice white pal skull to place it somewhere nice that’s what I would have done or at least he could have washed the blood from he’s head away show some respect anyways hope he has some fun time with he’s fathers head.

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