Rival Gang Member Flayed Tortured and Beheaded


Video which famously recognized as “funkytown” showing a rival gang was tortured and beheaded

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no bro its columbia


I’m from Colombia, and that’s not a Colombian accent. It’s a Mexican accent.

Barosan de barosan

Mexico or Columbia, who cares. You are the same.


stfu racist garbage’


Racism? You are weak butthurt


cheese burguer


Cheese burger with ketchup at the patty is pretty good

useless idiot

i dont think its the right time to order, sir/maam,mate–

Fac sex

Salut fratelo smecher nume


salut boss, ce faci aici?

Ya boy

Romanian gang


well is not thhe same here in mexico we use marihuana an un columbia cocaine


Yeah they speak language

African man with no water

Who cares bro those are same countries


average american


What the heck???That’s not a Mexican accent!!im Mexican and I know …. this is 100% Central American accent…El Salvador. Most likely….


si verdad


The video is from Mexico, you can tell because of the accent.


More exactly from South Mexico, you can tell right away they are fucking monkeys. South Mexicans are the short stocky browny ones you usually see fleeing to the US.


thats fucking racist punk, im south mexican and im not like this assholes, they are from the michoacan family, a bunch of drug dealers that operates in michoacan


“…and some, I suppose, are good people”


Do you know for sure? I’ve read several times on different websites that it was members of the Sinaloa Cartel who did that and that it’s a northern accent, probably Chihuahua or Sinaloa. No offense, I’m just curious.

Supreme Aizen

That state isn’t even in the northern region


It’s a kill house in Juarez. One of the murderers was an informant for the DEA.


never going there


cómo sabes que son de la familia michoacana?


i love seeing anti racism on a gore site<3 you people restore my faith in humanity


We have to do what we have to do. We cannot just stand by and let some dipshit insult our race.


Ya dismember him just like your cousins would do


Why are you guys so racist to eachother? Were all human beings.


Go fuck yourself

FBI Agent

You should go fuck yourself you racist fuck! Tell me your real name so that I can come get your myself, so that I can fuck you up. Maybe I’ll kill you like this guy.

Anti Racist


Noehhggers Daddy ;)

What a pathetic faggot putting on a tough guy persona on a gore website, its obvious your a little dork who isnt loved by mommy and daddy enough so you act all edgy online, get a fucking life you little dweeb.

Replying to a Reddit "Edgy Boy"

By any chance was your mother gangbanged by Muslim men and you were forced to watch it? Because where the fuck is all this hate coming from? Maybe you just want attention because your a reddit nerd who’s fat and ugly and your trying to stick out being “edgy” on a gore site because you get bullied in life? You seem like a real sad person you know that, I couldn’t imagine living life in your shoes you little dork.

Average guy

Dont remind him of that memory or hes gonna cry like a ittle bitch again

useless idiot

that hit harder than my dads belt bro– ure speaking facts tho



ur mother

shut up

dont even try to roast my name

your the on with the name “ur mother” in fucking 2021-2022


You guys have been mutilating and torturing each other since the beginning of time you’re all gross sick twisted evil people and we’d honestly be better off just nuking South America as a whole

Puto el que lo lee

Bro you are from US. The joke tells by itself. You all are the real scum of the world, with your politics,New age shit and lgbt bullshit

Not Me

I’m white in US and I agree

asmr edou

Why don’t you shut up queerbait? You’re a fucking queerbait.


Queerbait? Um, 1985 called, it wants its insult back.

Slim Shady

I’m White in the US and I also agree! This Country is a fucking joke! We have a bunch of Pussies in office! We have Transgenders in our Military running the fucking show and somehow this is okay with the people here. Cant wait till I drop dead so I can get off this fucking circus train of a planet already!!!

Lol shanks

Do it. Film it.

Gypsy Heart



get the fuck off of Facebook dumb fuck only reason you’re sitting here watching gore is because your wife left you. your tic tac dick couldnt keep her happy now you spout bullshit on gore sites. what a life you’ve made. I’m only here for the racism drama fuck this.

CalmDown Bae

hey don’t bring the lgbt into it. i know you love lesbians asshole <3 sorry you’re mad that i get more chicks than you -a bisexual 🙂


ngl, anyone who says they get more of something of someone else or “that i get more chicks than you”, its actually the opposite… so you are kinda retarded. — SpedMonkey


HA! You say that as if I’d be affected bitch I had thoughts of drowning someone in boiling oil forcing them to drink it whilst ALIVE


How fucking cringe bro LMFAO saying that as though we’re supposed to be intimidated by your lame ass “dark mind” gtfo you sound dumb as fuck


So quirky, shut the fuck up


ok ok, i agree that the us is the scum of world but there was no need to be homophobic (don’t call me PC or woke, i hate the PC and woke)

Slim Shady



You’re a fucking dumbass if you think lgbt is a problem worth noting. the only reason it’s a political issue is because it threatens the conservative power. The US is a hellhole that only cares about power and wealth. -someone from the US


Bet you wouldn’t say the same about Canada or any other place


No I wouldn’t because they don’t torture people the way the fucking animals do in South America we should just bomb that whole poisonous continent.

Slim Shady

They got some fine women though! I could fuck a spic chick for hours on end!


for the information of your tiny north american brain, why is that that you are not an “american” since everyone who lives in the americas is american, we are part of the same continent


pq a sudamerica si en centroamerica para arriba contando mexico esta peor mucho peor


Dude the thing is that their ancestors (Spain and Aztecs) have done a lot of beheading and tortured and that has been passed down for generations


If only we could nuke them all like Japan in WW2

Slim Shady

Wouldnt do any good, they would just multiply like the fucking cockroaches they are!

asmr edou

You are like this beaner otherwise WTF are you doing here on this site?




Cant believe there are so many degenerates in these kind of websitee

Slim Shady

from one degenerate to another……”Welcome!”


what did you expect

Anti-god Anti-christ

My bro i am albanian you see how SHITTY ARE racists when see somebody make any shit they start ofended all that comunity right now


don’t talk shit about michoacan to defend south mexico.

fuck mexico

fuck mexico that country has a shit ton of shitty garbage content

Anti-god Anti-christ

Hey Bro i am albanian dont give a fuck about rcist CUNTS . we i an albanian have one old saying ; (SKA PYLL PA DERRA) in english (NO FOREST WITHOUT PIGS)


yet they’re from the south.


Racist but 100% true. Mexico is nothing but trash and Mexicans are utterly worthless. If you’re Mexican, you’re no better than these people. I just hope you don’t have kids, we need less violent, inhuman Mexicans around.


your typical whitey redneck fat tits panzi hahaha i hope you and your fatass family end up like this

Anonymous 44621

this isn’t the way to punish them.




Ur just as bad as the guys that did this to the poor soul. Stupid cunt.


Cartels ONLY kill kidnappers, killers, and dealers (usually belonging to rivals.) These dudes get killed for a reason. They wouldn’t pick a random dude off the street and torture him.

How to play

I came from youtube and I know some info, The person killed is just some innocent student, u should do some info check


No its not that student was found dead with hands . You should do aome acutal research and not believe everything you hear on YT lik


Let me guess you believe everything the crypto people tell you on YouTube too? You invest your moms life savings into cum coin?

Missiledicks Dad

Son,one day you’ll leave our basement and become a man!
Anyone who has a woman like your mother,we can’t invest any money because I’m to busy keeping that fat asshole mom of yours happy!
Then you were born and we knew you were special “retarded” when you came from your mothers asshole!


They wouldn’t torture people off the street? I don’t think you’ve opened your eyes even once in your life. These bastards would torture a baby and I have little doubt they
that they have. Watch some national geographic on YouTube about the cartels. Maybe then your eyes will open a little.


Ya they throw kids in barrels of acid alive to dissolve. But they won’t show that on YouTube because it’s real life. Not all that fake click bait on YouTube. Everyone desperate for attention because there mom not love them enough

Dumb bum


Some guy

Got a link

Last edited 1 year ago by Some guy

Say that to all the people that got murder on bus for no reason by the Los zetas. Through children in barrels of acid alive. Let me guess they was rapping murders? Meanwhile there balls never even dropped yet.

Dumb bum


Slim Shady

Yeah, this dude in the video did someone bad and now he is paying for it! Poor miserable cunt!


Even if they are kidnapper or killer,this isnt mean Cartels doing good,No.Actually Cartels worse than a killer or Kidnapper. All of cartels are Coward ,If they wasnt they wouldnt Knock victims

Beetle bum larry

White rednecks fuck horses

Earl B. Redderneck

No, we fuck ignorant little bean sprouts like you drad in your culo until you buck like a bronco and call us papi


bro you make all white people look like fucking retards

k nie

Only if you are ignorant. I for one, don’t assume all Mexicans are retards just because i come across one or two that are… “bro”. Grow the fuck up and stay in school, tween.

Puto el que lo lee

They are tho


Yes y’all do though 🤣

CalmDown Bae

Ofc your name is Earl. Smh


Wow Fucking faggot comment why not just tell everyone you’re a fucking fag

asmr edou

Spread your ass cheeks cuntmeister, I want your asshole to swallow all of my saved up semen. I want your asshole to BURP my cum-bubble out.

Missiledicks Dad

Pretty accurate,you’re mother is a big fat fucking slob.,I’d equate her more to a cow but a horse will do!

Supreme Aizen

And you and your family will end up getting nuked just like the Japs did lmao just stick to larping on shock websites you 4’11 300 lb goblin

Sickof it

I believe I found a white hating racist. WTF would people want open borders? bergog you pos.

Last edited 1 year ago by Sickof it
Anonymous 44621

Do not underestimate us.


YO WHAT THE FUCK EVERYONE!! YOU’RE ALL UPSET ABOUT RACISM WHEN THESE.. (I don’t even want to call them human) PEOPLE TORTURED THIS MAN! Why? Why is it so nice to watch someone in agonizing pain? He has a family, people that cared about him, and he dies like this? Humanity disgusts me. I hope the world would end soon so all humans would be permanently erased from existence. You should all burn in hell and feel ashamed for what you’ve done and are doing.


The reason this happened to him is because he did some heinous shit. They wouldn’t kill some dude off the street for no reason.


You can’t change history or dna Mexicans have myans in there dna they eat humans and do human sacrifices from beginning of time. What do you think going to change in 2021? No now they just going to record it like the dumb fucks they are


Yeah and like the white racists like you that are hated by nearly every race because u crackers think of every colored race as shit or shiiii nvm it’s just the ones like you with a closed mindset


Well I mean us whites weren’t owned by another race for 200 years we came to other countries and took them so they all wouldn’t be as shitty as Africa or as violent and depraved as South America as u can see here

CalmDown Bae

This ain’t it chief. Racism ain’t cool love <3

Europe belongs to Aryans

Stfu spic


The man you replying to is stereotyping. So your comeback is to stereotype his race? Lets not be hypocritical.


I bet you’re in kkk

Dumb bum

You have African in your DNA. Sorry just facts

Not Me

okay so we’re all related, let’s kiss and make up.


Bet y’all wouldn’t say the same about whites

Anonymous 666

why go on these sites then, you are as fucked up as the rest of us just for watching so you can’t talk.

Not Me

That’s exactly what started this argument in the first place, dumbass

CalmDown Bae

Babe, you’re on a shock site you shouldn’t be surprised that this shit happens. This is humanity now and it’s fucked but there’s honestly nothing we can do about it. Have fun in “heaven” <3


Humanity now? Humans have done equally fucked up or more heinous forms of punishment in the past.

CalmDown Bae

yeah true. ig humans have always been fucked up. it pisses me off when people pretend that there’s still hope for us. there isnt, so just enjoy life while we’re still living haha

dont even try to roast my name

genuinely i don’t wanna start any other arguments but please shut the fuck up, you didnt have to comment that and you watching this vid and literally defending it meaning you’ll go to what you call “heaven” while we are going to fucking heaven! oops Satan called and hes not taking you, he understands why your father left with your mother. And as your dumbass would say “<3”, don’t try to look nice you fucking idiot. Don’t try to argue with me bc its not worth your fucking time, thats for everyone reading this also you’ll probably just say “stfu”… Read more »


Dude shut your faggot mouth up and go back to watching YouTube. Fucking hilarious how you’re trying to virtue signal on a motherfucking gore site

child defiler

how about you look up child porn and relax for once

Your daddy

Trump can smd


I bet you’d love to have an old man suck you off, probly be the only time you get some you internet troll.


Here’s a man who wants trump to get in his pants

Jr rider

The same way you suck you daddy’s dick


that was fucking racist, i’m not mexican but this is wrong in so many ways.. and incase you didn’t know it’s 2021 bitch and trump lost motherfucker.!

Sick of it

Everything is racist, isn’t moron? Well, maybe you can in the near future invite those individuals into your home. Yea, it’s 2021 and people are sick of race baiting morons like you.


sounds like a good time to me


Typical white ppl


Ya and so did that Mexican lost his face and it wasn’t done by trump


You white people owned slaves but yet you wouldn’t call yourselves an animal open you’re eyes your just as bad. Be a man leave the screen and the internet for a bit you need rehab seriously. This isn’t a race thing any race does shit things like this


Oh and I forgot? You’re ancestors ate black people stole land from people stole kids from familys and murdered them don’t act innocent


Yup all these fucking pieces of shit are the real terrorists.


stfu and thats not true not every south mexican is a brown skin color racist asshole


Watch u get abducted by cartel and ripped apart like the cracker u are


Admit it your worst nightmare is to be in that guys situation


Fucking racist, If they heard you say that, you’d probably end up like the subject of the video. You’re Welcome!



sorry from mexico

im from mexico and
unfortunately it is Mexico


Its true weakness no man would do it mexico seems to be pathetic


no humans on earth

Billy Armstrong

Its in China 🇨🇳 the Mexican part ware all yous cockroaches belong


Yeah it´s Mexico i know because they use Mamada and other expresions of my country and his accent is the same of a region of here



Bilbo Magnus

I can, without a doubt, say that that’s the most brutal thing I’ve ever seen.
Also, these guys have good taste in music


dude look like a zombie


what is the name of the song? hah


Funkytown near the end

Nicole Matthews

Sweet Child of Mine


i heard sweet child ‘o mine and funkytown.


eu amo esses videos, pq essas pessoas que morrem sao tudo troxa


Não, retardado. Fala merda não.


Até mesmo pq vc é o Highlander e vai viver para sempre né, CLEBER?

Plínio Salgado

se mata


Seria muito engraçado alguém aparecer na sua casa, decepar seus membros, cortar seu rosto fora e ficar 30 minutos tentando cortar o seu pescoço enquanto você agoniza tentando respirar o seu próprio sangue, aí a gente vê quem é o trouxa.


Como você sabe isso ?

Nasty Nate

Wow I would commit suicide before I ended up a prisoner.


You’re right, it’s very horrible 😮


that’s not a prison though, it is a nightclub which makes it sadder


no you wouldn’t you don’t think that guy with no face would done the same thing? You would just cry and bag for toy life like little bitch

bitch fuck you

learn grammar before talking shit, also kill yourself


How this fucking thing of a man is still alive ??what the fuck?? He won’t die..


Oiiiii I see you everywhere paco, what now you doing a gore spray or some shit ?


Yeah a gore spray haha..

Adrian f

Pain killers




he has his hands cut off and face flayed, not enough for him to die but he was probably barely holding on to consciousness from blood loss

Not Me

“Barely holding on?” He’s screaming like a maniac trying to cover his throat with his non-hands

Insert coin

Apparently they were pumping adrenaline in to him to keep him alive


Jesus Christ

Dumb bum

Yeah they do stuff like that I heard. Like fuck, evil is not evil enough jeeesus


he has an IV hooked onto his arm/shoulder. you can see it in the video. they are pumping him with drugs an shit to keep him conscious and alive. its really horrible


That’s fucking messed up. Putting him through things that should have killed him and are exceedingly painful and pumping him to prolong his agony.


Horrible but I’m sure he must’ve did something to deserve this


This world can be really insane.


Shock they didn’t hit any vital organs just just cut his face and hands off. You never see 3 guys and hammer he had it worse

Not Me

What, you think this dude survived or something? He had both hands cut off, his face skinned while fully conscious and then after who knows how long, a very bad job of his throat being slit likely to decapitation with a boxcutter. Which way would you pick to die?

Not Me



it’s crazy how u can still survive after all this shit is happening to u


Music name?


Guns ‘n Roses – Sweet child of mine


this comment got 9 dislikes but this actually the one i was looking for at the beginning 😂 thanks


this is actually the song at the beginning i was looking for thanks

A gay dude

Darude Sandstorm

Kilo 69

Ritual zombie de la conchatumadre


That was brutal and why are they enjoying it so much and why am I watching this and and….


Para que te des cuenta como esta de jodido este mundo!!

Last edited 2 years ago by Desconocido



This guy is one tough SOB or that is one dull ass razor blade! He took about 40+ slices to the damn Throat!


Dull blade


That guys pain tolerance is fucked ?


they probably pumped him a lot of drugs so his heart continues beating. Cocaine can do this very well.


That’s fucked up


how can he still be alive after all this? holly fuck!!!


because he has an iv


Peeling face to the best music of the 80s, gotta love it.


wow it’s sad that people don’t care for oth-

just kidding my mates, It’s fucking nice to see someone die a slowly painful death.



Beetle bum larry

Your butt stinks too much


Woah thats a little far bro


you dont have one 😭


Are you twelve?


hes not like you, getting your fat ass acting tough in the internet
you cant even go to toilet without being with your mom ☠ gtfo ur 9

A gay dude

You are one edgy faggot, aren’t you? Hope someone cuts off your micro cock with a dull razor.


You’re just a faggot you faggot why tf are you watching gore and then get mad at a comment like this. Uoure weird as fuck and a stupid pussy. Commit suicide in front of your adopted parents faggot


hahhaaha “you’re just a faggot you faggot” nice one english was your best subject, wasn’t it


Bro the club laughing at you


Stop being so butthurt you edgy faggot

Dumb bum

I feel the same way but why are we here? Some part of us likes to see this shit. He’s just more open about it and we are kidding ourselves. Feels weird man


If you can’t handle the Truth don’t make comments about how you love this And get mad when judged


fine then, address?


That is pure evil man… dark. You should go see a psychiatrist.


Probably just people with very good lives being edgy. Either way, this is fucked. I mean that is a fucking nightmare but I guess he is dead now and no longer has to go through that. Shit is “cool” to impressionable youngsters in mobster movies but the reality is brutal.


Okay edge lord


you got instagram bro?


Why do you edgy faggots think its so cool to not have basic human empathy?


I am masturbating while watching…

Funky town ! 😀


Búscate un psiquiatra urgente.


hi yes i would like to report an absolute lunatic on the internet




You such an weirdo