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Its more painfull with the knife


Use real man knife. Look like butter knife bitch haha..


This was very brutal, alright. Just sloppy as hell. The two captives behaved much more professionally than the executioners. That was the most pitiful excuse of a knife beheading I have ever seen. The chainsaw was awesome, just could have had a little bit more preparation.


Wow quelle cruauté ! mais le deuxième a du cran de ne montrer aucune émotion. Je l’admire.



Sick fuck

Good to masturbate too


Stfu bitch

AUS Prime Minister Malcolm Turnball

So is “Sick fuck” by Unter Null – check on youtube.

Buffalo bill

Wacking it rite now

Denis Martins

Faca cega da poha xD


E eu pensando que era o unico br aki


That’s what happen to snitches shit happens lol


The fat guy looked at the chainsaw victim like “pfft, bitch”

fuck you

Fucking pathetic. I dare you to fuck with the USMC. We will force your best friends cock down your throat until you choke and die on your buddies semen. I will make you my bitch.


Shut the fuck up bitch, cartel would skin you alive force feed your skin to your family then rape and decapitate them in front of you. And then and only then weould they chop you up Limb by limb before finally beheading you with a dull butter knife of course

Pedro Sepulveda

Now we know what Mexico is really like

Fucked the cartel


You know when people in a movie are about to die and scream?
This video is worse, first because it’s real and second, because it’s silent.
You hear nothing but the chainsaw and the worst thing is how slowly he kills those people…
He spend so much time killing the right dude and it hurt watching it…seeing how he is clenching his teeth in pain…
No one should be killed like that.
If you want to kill him, give him a headshot but don’t use a f*cking chainsaw, that apparently doesn’t even function right and spend minutes on one dude!


What if the two blokes who were killed rapped and tortured one of the blokes family members or something..i would then say they deserved it

Otis Rabern

Keep up the great work guyz.


This is more about the shock and awe. Using a knife doesn’t have the same mental effect on viewers. This video was made to show everyone else if you fuck around your getting a chainsaw to the head.

On a side not….to the “Fuck you” post from above on April 7, 2018……you never know who reads what. Everyone is traceable. Be careful what you post .


Rather have the chainsaw

Dev ilie

Listen guess I understand everyone’s opinion and some of you guys right here Amd some of u , the whole point of this is for us too see what will happen if we fuck with them.


Do well in school, have a normal life, dont associate with maniacs or maniac criminals or criminals full stop. Then your chances of dying peacefully will be much better….V


Bro can someone tell me what they said lol