Dude’s body mangles due to repeatedly shot


His body bursting due to bullets that keep coming.

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Johnny Appleseed

I wonder if he is ok …

Bernie Gores

He needed a couple bandaids but at hospital they gave him hugs and a kitten to play with now he is fine.


You sound retarded

Bernie Gores

Durr yuk yuk u r rite!

asmr edou

I know where you get on and off the bus.

33 is a Shitskin Sperg

Ok stalker

33 is a Shitskin Sperg

Why dont you come and do something then?

Oh you are a 3rd world shitskin. I get it now.

Lol. Imagine living in a 3rd world country lol.

I fucking hate shitskins. I hate the white me who freed you and allow you to live slightly more

Last edited 1 year ago by 33 is a Shitskin Sperg

not this guy again 😭 mans got nun else to do but be toxic in a seegore website like yk he never felt the touch of a women

Sheep Titties

fr bro like they probably fattest shit


Can you speak anything besides Ebonics and stop embarrassing the decent honest folk of your race?


Yep. With a big fat dick too! Tribbing your old mamas clit with it before slapping her in the face with it.

Lol. You so jealous. You see what i am fucking and you just cant wrap your head around it.

Because i fuck good kid. And i pay the bills. And if my bitch leaves IDGAF. Theres plenty more. My woman are in their 20s. You are in your 40s and cant get less than 37 without paying.

Dont hate the player. Hate the game.

Ty for paying taxes XD

Fuck daddy 69420

Damn all I fucking want is to skull fuck your eye sockets, just feel your brain hugging my tiny cock. I want to feel your brain activity die. I want to nut in one of your empty eye sockets and watch as my blood filled cum shoots out the other socket. I want you to beg me to end your life, the thought of it makes me so horny. I want to stab your side and fuck the shit out of the open wound, I’ll surgically open you up and fuck your throat from the inside. I’ll stick the barrel… Read more »


That’s some gay ass shit.


Cringe go kys kid.


That’s some richard chase shit except you’re worse cause you’re a faggot




why did u just write a fanfiction.. bro just turned into y/n

People disgust me:/



You are giving them to much credit.


Pls don’t fuck my mom, she’s a nice lady.


Makes you wonder huh?


Why do you project?

I come here to laugh misery and how fucked up 3rd world barbarians are.

It makes me feel absolutely amazing to be a part of the race that created 1st world society. That rose above this barbarism.

I am so proud of my nations Military Industrial Complex and Politicians. Because they keep feeding you barbarians arms and ammo to kill each other.

You know you Have a choice. You could just create a civilized and just society as we have.

Why don’t you?


Lol you feel proud because some people who have a similar skin tone created something? How sad your life must be if you have to live vicariously through what somebody else accomplished. You also realize white people murder all the time? How many times have we seen a white male shoot up a school, church, movie theater or concert? But site like this are a way for sad child molesting white males to come to and make fun of death and then act like they are superior. All groups of people are murderers and no one “race” is better than… Read more »

asmr edou

I didn’t read any of that and I believe not many others will either. But dude, remember when you farted in my car? LOL


It is what it is. Look at europe. Look at Asia. Then look at Africa.

Facts are facts.

asmr edou

Yeah but this dude farted in my car! With me in it!

(215)8349274 my Name is chaz fuck you pay me.

Thats just wrong. I would fart in his car back

asmr edou

Theoretically, two people can make one fart last a lifetime if they align their butt holes perfectly and keep farting up each others butts back and forth.


You are a sad little angry man aren’t you?

I hope you get help.

People suck

Well said! I agree πŸ’―


Still the most murders are commited by black men.



Honestly I can’t wait till humans go extinct and great apes take over


Ur my hero ❀️

People suck

You’re another piece of shit that hides behind the screen saying a bunch of shit you wouldn’t dare say to anyone’s face


I say it anywhere and everywhere. Trust me. You know who i am.

And you know how far I’ll go.

Generic Name

you do realize that about 3/5s of all ammunition comes from 3rd world countries, right?



Sawcon Mahballs

Can I dismember your family pls? I’m hoping to make enough bitcoin donations to buy several pages of voidrealms. Your life is worth 1000 tabs of acid to me, time to take it wya I’m drunk af wanting to go on a spree.

People suck

You sound like a fat piece of shit with a tiny penis that is still living in his mom’s basement.


You sound like a dude from philly with junkie parents that is bitchmade.


The philly thing seems personal


While I understand whom you are responding to us a kiddie porn lover pls make a better effort to insult. Ty


then why did you edited your own comment?


Why ask why?

alex ferera

are you now me??


I think we are gonna be best friends. I hate shit skins too


Literally white obese pedo who depends 100% of his life on government issued benefits.


Lol. You blasted that pussy.


Boyds is a dead end job. Posting all your private info on every fucked up site I can is awesome. Especially your wives info.


Aww fuck.

Good one EM. GREAT ONE!

I wish i bought that FUCKING pedal. You cant find it for less that 1k$

Nice play bruv.

Nice play.

Great banter btw.
Man do i miss you.

Best wishes. I mean that.

Fuck you should be a Rockstar. Well maybe you are in clothing. Bit still. EMoney you always had that charisma. That look. Plus you are tall.

Shit bruv thats a well layed banter plan.

Ya can we still fuck with each other?

Family excluded.


I havent had fun like that in a while.

Love you bro!


this wigger really loves the term “shitskin” pretty cringey


Slayer kicks arse.




Shut the fuck up pussy

Absolute Fucking Unit

bro this dude has nothing better to do than be racist on a gore website just touch grass and admit to yourself your gay


Damn you make a joke then someone doxxes you can we do anything on this site


I guess not tom. I guess not.


WTF is with the world today?

However I do have some back story….

Those who were doxed are IRL pedos. For real. That’s why they are in jail now. I love it when Anons come together

asmr edou

You’re not “cool and edgy” being post-modern shitskin.


Sorry Bernia we dont speak gypsy


this dude doest get it at all

asmr edou

My friend wants to say hi. His name is Ben Dover.


probably the other way around knowing that you missed the joke

A person

time to get the ice


That’s not realistic

asmr edou

Kid, you’re dumb…

33 is a Shitskin Sperg

Alot better than that shitskin sperg 33s family. His mom got beheaded and they raped the head before sticking a grenade in its mouth and shoving it up his cuck fathers arse


First of all, my mother is still alive, according to my father, he did not abandon me, although your father abandoned you and third, you should have better arguments than senseless threats in the isis style


What argument would you like me to form?

I have serious downtime over the next 36ish hours.

I could use a good exchange of ideas.


Why do you hate me?

Your dad's drug dealer

Alive?You sure she hasn’t been caught crossing the border yet?.joking of course anyways I admire your “thinking out of the box” mentality and perception,nice to find someone congruent to me

Your dad's drug dealer

Wait a goddamn minute why the hell can’t I delete the reposted reply

Your dad's drug dealer

Alive?You sure she wasn’t caught at the border?.joking of course,anyways I respect your “thinking out of the box” mentality,same goes for prioritising your decision making on logic rather than emotions,good to find someone congruent to me.however,it’s best to follow the social standard and not display your thinking style outside of the internet,in a society like this it’s dangerous to be different,that is if your country is like mine.also excuse the shitty dark humour,Ive got enough offended closed minded asswipes who can’t comprehend that jokes have dark origins

Last edited 7 months ago by Your dad's drug dealer


asmr edou

You’re the fag who hand washes my dirty underwear and blow dry’s them, aren’t you?


You need to upgrade them shitposting skills asap.

asmr edou

So I can try to be edgy and trendy like you? I’ve ejaculated deep inside women’s bodies before, unlike you, so no fuck your upgrade. Go cry yourself to sleep with tiktoks playing in the background.

asmr edou

Come on little shit say something back.



asmr edou

Hey, bitch who can’t read or write in cursive. Yeah you. Where’s your aptitude? Do you have any natural ability?


Thank you. But i don’t need help. It is between me and him.

Ganging up to bully someone is lame. Even if they are an idiot.

He wants a discussion i am giving it to him.

Plus they are just a kid. Still learning and developing opinions and ideas.

don’t worry

ur mums pussy is bleeding u jokeman


ur mums fucking pussy blown out from a bullet


it’s just some ugly smelly dumb shitskin + male
who cares


Whats your opinion on the godfather part 3?

Last edited 1 year ago by Willy_nailer

1 is the best. Period.


he needed to see god lmfao


how is bro ok?

Minecraft campion

What a crazy bugger


what a waste of life, why didn’t they think of torturing him first? 1/10

BG Vet

Hahaha you right but eh two Mags is also ok iguess


Imagine Yourself in his Place You fucking faggot ass licker

Bernie Gores

Found the incel cuck bitch.

BG Vet

Get the fuck out of this Side

asmr edou

I hope you know Assyria is a defeated empire.

Gore Vidal

Is it even an empire?

asmr edou

The were brown so you got me there.

33 is a Shitskin Sperg

Because they are pussy shitskins.

BG Vet

WTF yall have against 33


They are only those 2, also those who support me are at a higher level that only insult


Psychopath. Hope you die


Psychopath. Hope you die

Get FuckeD

Hope you die slowly and Painfull

asmr edou

When are you coming over again to volunteer your colon for the cause?


Why even waste precious bullets?


Total waste of bullets, but it was intresting at least


aand you’re total waste of oxygen

33 is cool

Your a waste of space because ur too fat and now shut up kid



asmr edou

You click on youtube videos that show “hot women” in the thumbnail because you think you’re going to watch porn and get away with it. You’re one of those 2.5 million viewers and you’ll have erectile dysfunction when you’re 20 years old.


The size of my penis is greater than the average for adults and to know if your erection works correctly it is normal for it to erect when you wake up in the morning which happens to me, and if I rarely see boobs and asses on YouTube and I don’t see rule34 like you


the thief believes that they are all of his condition

That guy from the bar

Idk why you’re obsessed with black cocks and I don’t really care. You do you my guyπŸ³οΈβ€πŸŒˆ


You got among us pattern

Last edited 10 months ago by Hazard
Bernie Gores

You are more than cool. You are frikkin AWESOME!

卐 Adolf Hitler 卐

Gay cunt go hang yourself


how much does 33 pay you?


I pay him with love

Bernie Gores

STFU you pussy craving incel faggot cucktard fat chick stalking bullied since birth akward as fuck lame corny dirty non bathing coward bitch.



BG Vet

Get the fuck out of this Side

33 is cool



typical day in brazil


Well, I live in Brazil and I’ve never seen a scene like this.

Bernie Gores

You must not get out much.


Totally in Mexico they are not speaking portuguese


You sure is not Detroit


bro One bullet was enough, you didn’t have to waste all the bullets.

Bernie Gores

Yes they did. They want the clicks and views.

I love Hoodsite😈🩸πŸ”ͺ

I wanted to see him cry

Gore Vidal

They didn’t give him a chance.


If they didn’t flatten those tires they’re pretty good shots.


Is he okay?

daddy girl horny baby

yes, after a few advil and a good night’s sleep he will be better

Bernie Gores

They gave him an extra cup of cocoa and a kitten to hug in hospital. Expected to make a full recovery.

penis mclovin

bro made his body swish cheese πŸ§€ 😭


wtf is swish cheese?

Bernie Gores

WTF is a body?

Napkin Boy lol

wtf is a bro?

Bernie Gores

Finally someone who gets it.

asmr edou

You pretend you’re retarded so your mom doesn’t kick you out.

asmr edou

Agreed. The “racists” were right about chocolate face shitskins all along.


His intestines came out


I’m no doctor but I think the guy is dead.

Bernie Gores

Nah he’ll be fine. Once the social workers get there with blanket’s and cocoa he will make a full recovery.




I saw some of your comments and I like you, I also agree with all the comments I saw


Thx bro I enjoy your comments too πŸ™‚ have a chill day

Bernie Gores

Why can’t i get any love? ='(

Last edited 1 year ago by Bernie Gores

because you are daluan sparrow, a double meaning racist who supports dictatorships and does not ask for forgiveness after having continued saying the same thing but only with other names, if you ask for forgiveness it is more than enough for me


And you either support adolf hitler

Bernie Gores

I support anyone talking SHIT. I support free speech. Why would i ask for forgiveness when i have done nothing wrong?


ahem, you are “no filter” and “daluan sparrow” do you want me to tell you the things you say yourself or what?

Gore Vidal

I am also Gore Vidal too. And Edward Mauer and 33 and Me and Cuntry Singer as well as many others.

Lol. Ty for making it interesting you 3rd world shitskin sperg.


Are you really such an idiot as not to notice that hes seegore profile picture doesn’t change?


This is my other account

Last edited 1 year ago by πŸ”‡33

Same with this one


But hes just switching names, not accounts kid


people say that they wanna see him suffer they why dont we see you suffer then hun then you would start to cry like a little bitch then and beg for mercy

Bernie Gores

Ok Incel. Go back to your basement Hentai session.


His argument still stands if you call him incel

Bernie Gores

His incelship still stands if i dont argue him.


Who the fuck still uses β€œincel”? Looks like your pathetic brain can only think about sex


Believe it or not he actually survived this and is recovering in a Mexican hospital.

Gore Vidal

If that is true dude needs to play the lottery asap.

Bernie Gores

Lol. I love how dude says ‘Fuck’ as that puta madres guts explode across the street.

Pro Tip- NEVER be a Puta Madre in Cartel Country.

Just your average fella

What a waste of ammunition


<3 give me your number

Bernie Gores


Call me.


no thanks!! πŸ˜€ YUCK

Gore Vidal

You afraid if black dick bitch?

You should be!


what the fuck does this mean? πŸ˜€ YES



Raging Ballz

The moment he breakdancing on the floor


Lol. The way his guys blew out on the camera man was a WTF moment. I honestly have never seen that. I served in Afghanistan i have seen people sawn in 2. But that really was a WTF moment for me. If anyone has a medical background can you explain what caused his guts to rupture like that? It couldnt Have been pressure since his body cavity was heavily perforated. Nor was he dead long enough to be able to build up gases for him to pop. It was intestinal tract so maybe gas? Still judging the distance it popped… Read more »

El chapo

Yeah, Kill that bitch

Bernie Gores


K fign

He twerkin that ass ya’ll


He humping the floor

K fign


Bernie Gores

Seig Heil Mein Fuhror!

Tecno Viking

Dear Bernie, you german is written completely wrong. Very embarrassing and definitely not aryan !

Bernie Gores

Prove it.

Gore Vidal

Fucking shitskins amitrite?

卐 Adolf Hitler 卐

sieg heil mein fΓΌhrer

Bernie Gores

Anyone have the backstory on this?


Good…one less brown person lol. One less criminal. One less leech. One less bum begging for others to help him. One less grown man that can’t even feed himself without asking for help from people that work to feed them and their own family. One less burden to civilized people. One less lazy begging addict. I only wish it lasted longer so he could’ve felt the pain on each hot piece of lead tearing through his stupid fucking flesh

Bernie Gores

One at a time.


These mexican cartels are more dangerous than Isis and on top of that they are in America’s backyard.

Bernie Gores

No shit. Most don’t seem to give a fuck as long as it doesn’t directly affect them.

asmr edou

Oh, you know he took deep creampies from his dad and grandfather growing up. Several massive male impregnations.

Spic Hunter

What is this idiot on the right wearing on his face ?

BG Vet

Protection Glasses so the blood didnt goes in his eyes HIV is deadly you knw

Spic Hunter

Ok, I see. I appreciate it very much, that these beans pay attention to the principle, that safetey goes first for everyone participated. I was worried, that otherwise something happens to the the guys in the video.


You sounded like a compete faggot.


Yes, fuck you too !

bbc NEWS

I mean, so is getting shot that many times, but here we are yk



Corey Woldhuis

When you don’t click the dancing kitten on the home page…


elastic bandages will fix him up

33 is a Shitskin Sperg

They did 33s parents like this. Probably why he is running like a scared lil shitskin.


do you have family problems or any fetish? because I have no way to explain your hatred of my family, my parents give me studies so I don’t end up like you winning a big mac combo on sale every Friday


Next time do that with a 50 cal πŸ˜ƒ


im hungry


Overkill at its finest. Just a waist of ammo on a piece of scum like that

Last edited 1 year ago by Azrael

Yo WTF is this?

asmr edou

There’s still brain activity for up to 45 minutes after being proclaimed “dead” so he felt all of those bullets…

racism is bad

I’m never leaving America the land of the free and the home of the brave

asmr edou

I love seeing shitskins piss their pants.


He was already dead the first 3 shots

People suck

Just a dash of overkill sheesh


This was in Mexico and it was a drug cartel killing.


it’s just some ugly smelly dumb shitskin + male
who cares


top 10 ways to waste bullets

asmr edou

This is how you know if you’re brown shitskin.


*doctor checking his pulse* (he didnt make it)


i think hes dead


i prefer knives

Regular Everyday Normal Guy

Omg (sory for my bad englisch)

Moronic site

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bruh “i wonder why people come to this website to see such a terrible thing” lmao

cock and balls

he can do a really good impression of swiss cheese

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