Woman stabbed to death live on Facebook


LOUISIANA — A Baton Rouge woman was tied to a steering wheel and stabbed to death, with the grisly murder streamed on Facebook Live video.

34-year-old Janice David was found dead inside a car in an office building’s parking lot late Monday night, according to Baton Rouge police.

David’s naked body was found tied to the car’s steering wheel and it appeared someone tried to set the vehicle on fire.

Police confirmed the Baton Rouge woman was brutally stabbed during a broadcast streamed on FB Live in a gruesome nearly 15-minute feed.

“Someone saw the video, notified Facebook, Facebook then notified state police,” police Sgt. L’Jean McKneely Jr. told reporters.

Earl Lee Johnson Jr., 35, was arrested on one count of first degree murder after Monday’s attack. Police said Johnson was already in custody when they learned about the video. A resident reported a car stolen just before 5pm Monday and officers later found Johnson driving it and arrested him following a short chase.

Authorities said Janice David’s hands were bound to the steering wheel and that she was found naked.

Baton Rouge police said Johnson choked the woman, beat her, and stabbed her to death — all while streaming the heinous murder on Facebook Live. Police also believe the pair had been on a three or four-day drug binge together.

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Women literally getting stabbed to deth comments be like:
“Damn son wtf”




I mean, idk what kind of reaction you want from us… not everyone feels empathy.

The Beautiful People

Well, it’s a gore site and there’s gonna be those people. Just gotta ignore them I guess

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Erwin Rommel

I’m surprised how fast he learned to use a smart phone, considering he was just released from jail three month before murdering that poor woman. I’d fucked her in the pussy and the ass, but never kill her. What a waste.


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Peace maker

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lo que hace la depresion



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FBI Agent

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Did you know that death from stabbing is caused by shock, severe blood loss, infection, or loss of function of an essential organ such as the heart and/or lungs.


I’m not being funny but it’s only the underclass of white people who think that, you’re at the bottom, so you think ‘who can I hate and look down to?’ I know the blacks, but not the educated middle-class blacks or even the working-class because you’re below them as well, so you look at the under-class (losers like you) and bang on about the Aryan race (the nazis didn’t like retards and killed them too, too bad they wouldn’t even want you!) and white supremacy but let’s be honest, you’re only minimally superior to a worm, I was going to… Read more »


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Then why not just ignore em dude if you feel that way? Just saying.


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Ur what makes this world a shitty place. I don’t see why any of u thinks it’s okay to sit behind a screen and act a fool. It’s bizarre and demented you guys need serious help. Making jokes as well? Imagine if this was ur relative a close friend, a neighbor shit anybody acting like the shits funny when it’s not is what is wrong with ALL of you. To sit around and joke about murder and talk about rape like it’s funny in the comment section just because u feel like you can really grow the fuck up and… Read more »


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Colonel Sanders

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Concerned Citizen

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I love how racist comments are highly upvoted now. In the previous videos you’ll likely see this kind of comments downvoted but maybe people now are seeing the truth about these violent black people. Will Smith, and this dude.


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Colonel Sanders

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