3 guys 1 hammer a.k.a Dnepropetrovsk maniacs


This is 3 guys 1 hammer original video. 3 guys 1 hammer was done by the Dnepropetrovsk maniacs which are Ukrainian serial killers.
This video shows a man being gored with a hammer and a screwdriver while still breathing, thus where the “3 guys 1 hammer” name came from.
This video also known with the name Dnepropetrovsk maniacs, 3 guys 1 screwdriver, and many more.

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Get shan she ya gmail.com

Fucking stupid ass why do u post this


to show ppl like you what evil exists out there.

katrina ivanović

whats the video about I’m too scared to watch it not planning to either EWW

Elmer Harrison

Well, first there’s a guy lying on the ground getting his face smashed in with a hammer. After a while of looking over the guy’s body, another guy starts jabbing him in the stomach with a screwdriver. This part goes on for a while.

Then, he stops, and stabs the guy through the eye with the screwdriver, and the other guy takes the hammer and smacks his face with it a couple of times.


Well I dare my self to watch it goodbye GOD


All this while the guy is choking to death on his own blood

Anti-god Anti-christ


Last edited 1 year ago by Anti-god Anti-christ

bro wtf ur still here


that’s kinda stupid bc they are in war and people are losing their lives and family that’s not right still


This video is old , the 3 guys already got caught a few years back and were sentence to life. The guy who got recorded on camera was the first to get captured and then he snitched on his friends and thats how they all got caught but one of them didn’t get that much time cause he claed he didnt know that was gonna happen and that he was just the one who drove.




How do you know this?


I hope so.
I hope the Wagner group finds them and do the same to this mother fuckers


I’m not advocating the abomination that has been done, but what about the civilians that the retarded russia killed while occupying Ukraine? what does the issue have to do with legionnaires?


how many civilians russia killed compared to israel in gaza you fuckboy?you sound like a retard, probably because youre a kebab


yes i hope so, the wagner group is deadly


I mean you are right Hehehege/j




Wrong.. he gets his face smashed in with a car pulley, then the other geezer says stop, so they can tourtur him with a screwdriver, then the use the scree driver to pull some skin off his face, then go back to jabbing him in the stomach. All while this geezer is still alive, then they use the screwdriver through his eyeball and jab him several times, then and only then is a hammer produced and they smash his face and skull in


NoOoO Re tUrBiO


How can can you say “wrong” and then explain this vid-incorrect … yes, he is smashed first (which you don’t see here) .. but he’s brutally smashed with a hammer 1st in the yellow bag, hence his face all beat up 😖.. THEN the other (whose filming) goes on to stab him with the screwdriver in the stomach, then even after the stabbing in eye (i had to turn away-i knew what was coming).. but the poor guy still was trying to fight to hold on 😳🥺😱 how idk but 1 hell of a fighter! Poor guy! 🥺 .. Then… Read more »


Dude I have made it halfway through the video and I can’t do it I’m literally about to pass out😥


Regardless of what they’re using, he’s still being tortured.


A car pulley? Non sense – it’s a hammer wrapped in a shopping bag. Hence the infamous title.

Mack Lovell

It’s only like that because at the end they beat him with a hammer


It was a fucking 12in dildo!!

Da Goog

I thought that was a wrench at first! Thank you.

Last edited 1 year ago by Da Goog



I wouldn’t advise if it’s traumatising, like a fool I started to watch it. Worse I’ve ever seen, sick fucks

Last edited 3 years ago by Joe
Anonymous 4462

sick indeed. when we rise up, and trust us, we will. these people will suffer beyond whoever they torture. we are unstoppable. we, are, vengeance.


And I cannot wait for that day


They will suffer everyday for eternity , what this guy went though is a walk in the park compared to what will happen to these 2 guys in the after life

Big dick johnson

let them spend hell in eternity with the muslims. . they deserve each other! and can give each other blow jobs, and sniff donkey farts while eating diarrhea out of the ass of infidels, while being fucked in the ass with fire plugs!


i thought it was quite romantic tbh

asmr edou

ROY is that pronounced WAH?


Woww you have problems bro. Foreal though, you need to just grow tf up, because you KNOW that what you know what just now had said? Is gonna offend people.. honestly though, I smell bullshit. And also? A troll, like you.. gtfo here.


Ur such a d!ck yk how is that romantic






B!tch for real now muslims and islam are right just like other religions it seems that u have an small as fck brain ya a$$hole you fcking atheist a$$


If you believe that god(s) are real, you are a fucking idiot. The Bible was written by humans, not by some Devine being. It has since been split into a thousand different religions. It’s also been edited to fit whatever time periods moral compass was. Burning “witches” alive. Christians traveling the land murdering people who never knew that they were supposed to believe in a god. I really want to smack you for your blatant stupidity.


You’re right that the Bible was written by humans but there was a divine inspiration to it. You’ll see if you’ll only read it that all of its contexts are synergistic to each other and will never oppose anything in it unlike when humans write ordinary books. Also, it was not split into thousand other religions just to fit what the moral standards were during that time. That happened due to those greedy church leaders who monetize Christ’s teaching to take advantage of people’s innocence. There are a lot of scientific proof that God exists and those are backed by… Read more »


On behalf of the homosexual community, I’m gonna ask you to keep us out of it.✌️

Last edited 1 year ago by Chad
Sonja Jennings

I agree with u!!! P-flag!!! 👍🏾


Dude why all Americans think muslim is killers ,bro ! There are arabic gangs who want to kill the real muslims


I’m American. I think every religion has it’s issues. However, It’s religion, its going to. There is however, not an excuse to to hate on another person’s religion, Muslim, Jewish, Buddhist, ect. What is it about gore websites and the commenters shaming others? Like, this gets more traumatizing than the videos… all it does is enforce more hatred.


I don’t agree. I’m a proud atheist. I don’t believe in ANY religion because it’s all hypocrites, pretending


universe came by accident, humans too, plants, sun, stars, animals, galaxies or evolution ? lol yall atheist be dumb ass hoes

Regina Bailey

you have to come at an believers nicely…do you think what you said to him will help his faith or tear it down?….thats the reason he feels the way he does. say nice encouraging things, okay? the fruits of the Holy Spirit is self control and patience…dont react off your feeling to quickly without asking ”will this tear another person down or encourage them to try Jesus?” also if you were an unbeliever or non- christian would you want someone coming at your belief like that? god never forces his religion on others. he gave us all free will and… Read more »


You don’t have to agree. That’s understandable if that’s what you think of all of those religions. We could be all sick of it, but there’s one true religion in the Bible that you just need to be in to it. Paul used to be a Christian persecutor, but repented and wrote most of the text in the New Testament. There’s still hope for you brother Footdawg75.


See this is exactly the kind of blind belief system that manipulates our world. You sit here and try to explain that the Bible and Christianity is the one true religion. Just because you were raised or read a book with a certain theory of a do called God doesn’t make your belief the true one. Every religion is taught and is understood by the people it’s taught to, to be true. Every religion is believed just as much by the people who believe it as you believe in whatever you do. Point is you’re just manipulated by a story… Read more »

Regina Bailey

find God for your self. I know it’s a lot of christian people out there that act like hypocrites, they make the real christians look bad. not all of us are like that. I try to live a good life, as humans we all aren’t perfect. I became a christian a couple of months backs. God revealed himself to me. I would say ask the Holy Spirit to reveal himself to you. im sorry for the act of other people. its not worth jeopardizing your soul to go to hell because of what other people did. im sorry on the… Read more »


Pretty sure Muslims in general are way more civilised than gimpy little fucks like you with that attitude


Wait… don’t Muslims believe that women are disposable and a piece of property? (I really do t care, because I’m gay, and women are fucking annoying. Straight guys, am I right?


You sounded like Nikolas Cruz, I wouldn’t be surprised if you ended up like one of them

Last edited 1 year ago by hikeg

Lol, your description kind of turned me on. I would love for a hot Muslim guy to fart in my mouth.


Lol, I’m a faggot. I will meet you in hell when you have to sit on my face for eternity. That would actually be my heaven. Also, you believe in heaven and hell? You’re just a fucking idiot, but you can still sit on my face.


Lol… if you believe there is a god, you are an idiot. You think you’re going to get 1000 Virgins after you die? Trust me, if hell exists, I will meet you there and lick your asshole clean three times a day.


Your disgusting


you are a funny, xd investigate Islam from the right people No Muslim will obey Allah because I will give me virgin houri in Paradise, which is not acceptable and there is no such thing.


i was wondering where all the racists went when bestgore shut down shithead


Come on man, Muslims may have done bad stuff burn it’s not because they’re not Muslim, it’s because they’re psychopaths, just like some Christians can be. No need for the racism. Plus, if it’s Pakistanis you’re referring to, then I admit, they overdo Islam and take it too far sometimes.


Fuck u stupid son of bitch i hope it was u instead of the dead guy talking abt muslim ppl like that hope u burn in hell for eternity


What is your problem with Muslims? Or are the Muslims you are talking about here puppet terrorist organizations that help the state like you to turn the Middle East into a bloodbath and exploit it? please send the answer directly to my e-mail account this:[email protected]


First time i see these type of comments in seegore


They will go to hell for sure.


they had 21 victims..

Matt Mcthiccboi

Discord moderator?





Last edited 2 years ago by gook

I want to be a part of this


We,are,nothing more than muppets on the internet spouting nonsense. Unstoppable? Grow up. When’s this “rise up” happening then? It’s been a whole year and we’re all just still muppets on the net. Vengeance? Yawn…


It wasn’t even bad lol

Stay pressed little bitch

Hahah I did that to your mum lol

Big dick johnson

you did no such thing, you roach eating goat fucker

Johnsons Biological Father

U sound like a little insecure faggot who tries to be edgy bringing up unrelated religion topics on a gore site to stick out because your a loser in life who gets no attention, get a fucking life you little dork.

Last edited 1 year ago by Johnsons Biological Father

mf this shit is worse than most other gore videos cause the guys still alive. he can’t even scream. yeah other shit was bad but the dude looks like a whole blood clot


Looks like the “only girl” on the site is stupid pig. I am a girl and your a fucking bitch.


I’m a man, and I do t think women should be allowed to post comments. Don’t you have six kids by four different fathers that you need to take care of?


burn in hell scumbag


Ok u try going thru it then edgy boy


Get shit in ya face🤡


Its not that bad


You need to understand the evil in this world to better prepare yourself for when you encounter it. Don’t let this mans suffering and murder be in vain. Learn to hate evil in all its forms.


they’re Ukrainian serial killers.

Anti-god Anti-christ

They remind me like Goregrind noise Ukrainian band Necrocannibalistic Vomitorium haha Fuck Humanity.


yeah I hope they get bombed rn lmao only the serial killers in prison.


Umm well there’s three men and one is getting his head smashed by another man and then one of the men if just filming (don’t watch it)




Lmfaoooo I made this comment when I was 14 on my throwaway account y’all need to chill😂😂😂


Y did u come to deeper if u ain’t gonna view anything


Deixa de ser medrosa(o) kkkkkk é super de boa


people like this shall not exist in our perfect vision. they shall suffer. they will, effectively, be erased.

Liam Albert

The only way to get rid of people like them is to kill them. I’m a sick person, but I’ve never harmed anyone, and I do believe it’s wrong to do so. Just remember this. There is no justice, unless we make it ourselves.


I agree but no they should be tortured so bad they feel like therye in hell put them in enough pain so that they feel like they have died 21 times for each victim then kill them

Anti-god Anti-christ

Here in albania we say where are somebody full of hate and angry we call MAN WITH FOOL MOON not for every one but some who are evil in face . And i hate do do evil anybody who do not do eneythink to me .


I could not agree more.


Vengeance is mine…Deuteronomy 32:35. Romans 12:19


U don’t know what evil really means

Daluan Sparrow

Good answer

Daluan Sparrow

Most cartel dudes that get killed doesnt bother me at all.

I fucking hate bullies. These fucks acted so tough but only attacked the weak.

I hope the post their executions on this site.

10% of our global population are psycho/sociopaths.

They dont deserve mercy.


I’m a sociopath but I don’t bully and or hurt anybody unless I have to for example a person hits me I defend myself not all sociopaths or psychopaths are bad so stop making foolish assumptions such as this


Being one myself I understand that we are not all sadists.


that’s just normal behaviour. i don’t think im a socipath but id still do shit to someone if they did it to me first no doubt


يفضح امك

Big dick johnson

THis shit is bullshit. . someone should torch these happy mother fuckers with gasoline and a lead pipe.


You are 100% correct. Let motherfuckers know whats out there. This is it. Believing in human kindness and the good of man? Fucking hypocrite oblivious retards all. I began the video out of curiosity and had to steel myself to finish. This man suffered so very badly, let this man not have had this done in vain. Know his pain and what many others suffered, in this case and every other across all time. And know


this is what this site is all about you fucking retard


I like cars !

Liam Albert

What’s your favorite, mine’s a Delorean.

Chad Thundercock

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Mine tooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo

asmr edou

You ever heard of the south bend shovel slayer?


Yo this was only 2 hrs


I had one for 5 years it was FUN to drive 😁


Mine’s the Lexus LFA


I like turtles!


Fucking dumbass get off the fucking internet then you stupid child.

The only girl on this site😍🤟🏽

I just don’t give af about sum random ass ppl like god y do little bitchs like u have to come on here and say shit if u don’t like it then fuckin leave😘

Evan Recka

I’m willing to bet you were raised in a single parent household. So much anger


love sickos like you ,hope can meat you and fck you hard you little sluy


Stupid fuckin ass why u search this.

Big dick johnson

Because my balls are the size of softballs! and full o’ jizz for you!


its a gore site lol

Jo mama

Lol dont look if u a pussy this can be u but to weak to have fun beaten to dead just 1 hut cunt


no cap


It’s for curious people like me


Then why u fucking watch this vid?


I thought it was funny, why don’t you?



You are stupid

Because he can 💀💀💀


Аfter I orіginally commented I appear to have cliсkeԁ the -Notify me when new comments are
added- checkbox аnd now each time a comment is added I recieνe 4 emaiⅼѕ with the еҳact same comment.
Is there an еasy method you can remove me from that
service? Kudos!

Liam Albert

Mr. Gore, just a quick question. Why do you upload these videos? I was just wondering.


To show the reality.
This is real life not Mainstream.

Monsters in humans bodys

Of course just click on Gmail the left side there are 4vertical dots you’ll see unsub in there


You don’t like evil???

Аноним 636288

Ты Чертов псих


You can go to the email and block seegore

White kid

Fucking sick people


This is society


Yea fucking killing people for fun is sickening 🤮

Johny Jackson

Hi to every body, it’s my first go to see of this website; this weblog contains remarkable and genuinely excellent information designed for visitors.

Liam Albert

If you’re faint of heart, or don’t like gore, please exit this site Immediately.



Anonymous 4462

What is brilliant. The fact that, in by supporting this. You prove, just who you are.

Anonymous 8819

Lol, and what the fuck are you gonna do about it, little bitch?


Edgy cringe ass 14 year old acne ridden 40 kg weird retard, stfu clown ass baby

Liam Albert

I’ll tell you Exactly what I’m gonna do! I’m gonna reply to your comment, and wish you a good day/night because I can tell you’ve got the kind of Personality I like!

Anonymous 44621

you will see.


Woah tough guy calm your 5’8 midget ass up you’re not shit home boy tryna act big on some random ass site don’t make me tell your mom


if soeone did this to them would be BRILLIANT!
if i could torture them, i had the money would be BRILLIANT
i would massage that Eipstein just to get these suffered (heard the animal abuse thingy. i would feed them to my dog and cats xx)

Akatsuki br

Brilhante vai se quando eu enfiar o meu pênis no seu cú, seu filho da puta arrombado


ppl ask why stuff like this is out there… first no one is forcing anyone to watch. question is why did the ppl against this search for it? it’s on the web to show how messed up someone can be. they look like normal teens, like your next door neighbor, let it be a warning, trust no one!!


Word. Its incredible how sadistic and down right evil people are even the nerdy looking kids in this video smash this guys face in with no feeling or anything.. it’s really scary these people are in our world and I agree these videos existing are almost educational. If anyone of these fuckers in the videos ever gets near me or my family they will have their heads blown off so fast but I wont torture em it’ll just be off with their heads colt .45 style. Thank you for sharing these videos man. It just is so disturbing these sick… Read more »


they are known as the
Dnepropetrovsk Maniacs


no shit


I always thought it was the two copycats ‘academy maniacs’ on this video

Anti-god Anti-christ

No they known
Dnepropetrovsk COWARDS
Dnepropetrovsk BITCHES

Anti-god Anti-christ

I will burn theyre children wife all there family . i will capture them i start with starvin hungry for 3 days and then i will give them brad with salt and then they just can GREETS FOR WATER THEY WILL SEE THEM HOW DYING BY THIRSTY AAAAGRGGRGRGHGHHHH. REVENGE IS SWEET REVENGE IS SWEET SOOOO SWEET.


they look like the poor gipsy kids in Hungarian villages

Nasty Nate


Akatsuki br

Realmente cara, realmente


To everyone butt hurt don’t watch it… Movies like this exist to show who the ultimate evil and predator is.. And it’s man kind… Plain and simple… A soiled person is the most dangerous….

Why am I here anyway ?

Damnnnnn and you a girl ???? unique lol


she’s not the one

The only girl on this site😍🤟🏽

Yoooo I’m not the only GIRL😆😆 yes finally I don’t feel as weird


Ur a sick cunt from hell who deserves a shovel to the scull


Fuck you bitch, suck my dick…
Come here fight me

Liam Albert

*Pokes with finger on the chest* Poke!



katrina ivanović

why are u guys watching stuff like this, you guys are probably Murderers yourselves I’m calling the police on this website and u guys bye


fuck you stupid bitch, the police was not there when that people was murder by this monsters. go and suck your fucking police dicks

Liam Albert

There’s no justice unless we make it ourselves.




This part is Legend ‘go and suck your fucking police dicks’ 😂

Jj beemo



This comment is a little late, I know lol. Only heard of this website this year. But, people watch this, just as I, to see the fucked in life. Yes, plenty of sickos will watch this for enjoyment. But the question is, why are you on here? Doesnt that make you just as ‘sick’ as the rest of us? Get real honey, this shit is real.


erzähle das den ganzen medien manipulierten Menschen die leben in ihren bequemen lüge und wenn sie sowas sehen scheissen sie sich in die hose und drücken es gleich weg damit das bequeme nicht kaputt geht in der sie leben.

Drache Offiziell

Meddl Loide,

waschn hier los?





Liam Albert

This website is protected under the First Amendment of the United States Constitution 🙂 I think, I’m not sure.


well i want them killed yeíah


Fuck the police!!

The only girl on this site😍🤟🏽

I just don’t give af about sum random ass ppl like god y do little bitchs like u have to come on here and say shit if u don’t like it then fuckin leave😘

White Guy 853

Stfu you fucking worthless whore, bet youre a 15 year old emo fat bitch, nobody cares about your existence, if i knew where you lived i would hire a hitman to kill you, go ahead and tell me, tough bitch, are you gonna kill me….. with your ugliness, ill fucking put a log with nails on your ass and spin it till your stomach is destroyed, then ill shoot you in the head, fat disgusting bitch.


šuti kravo glupa bog te jebo


Yet here you are! Best call the police on yourself you muppet…


“Roblox death sound”



White Guy 853

Death sound quando eu por uma doze na tua boca filha da puta.



Big Al

This is the most sickest shit I have seen. Seriously don’t watch this is you value humanity event slightly!


this is lovely wym?

Type much?

Do you even English bro?


Watch funkytown


Shit, late reply, I’m trying to find that vid.

A very bad person

Thank you, dark, glad to see another disgusting person!


that’s funny. Those two guys were human too ya know?


The Tortured men on this video is drunkard sleeping at junkyard and drinking chemicals, he could be dead anyway.
Welcome to Ukraine!


You don’t know shit. So stfu.


You don’t know anything about that man, his name was Sergei Yatzenko, disabled by a recent bout with cancer. He was a hard working man and loved his wife and family. He was attacked while riding his bike.


i need menthol cigs from there


Fuck you dude if your gonna make a joke about this shit at least try to be funny


Even if this man is nothing to SOCIETY I doubt this is the best way to die…

Raymon Cukaj

Keep up the great work guyz.

Shawanda Childes

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Alton Mincks

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Man i know i sometimes joke around and leave stupid ass comments, but shit like this…. these three worthless scum of the earth deserve to die very slowly!


You mean two, the third is the guy that was killed, there are 3 maniacs because the third never helped them commit the murders but knew about them and did nothing


Is there any need to proof there’s no “Angels” “Saints” or “God” watching over us…?


im a christian and i still come across these videos every so often. just because theres violence in the world doesnt mean there isnt no “angels”, “saints” or “God” watching over us. this is basic human nature, the human race has been killing each other in wars ever since the dawn of man, and God has even helped the Israelites win a lot of their wars.

The only girl on this site😍🤟🏽

My respect for u📈📈📈📈




Wow holy shit


Fucking Ukrainians.


At least we’re not American or Russian, we got that going for us hah.


at least you’re not russian like me


at least yall got flavored cigarettes