An innocent guy gets head shot


An innocent guy got shotted by some guy.That thug is repeatedly firing towards him to confirm his death.he may be spot dead.

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Call of Duty mode


was the killing nessesary? sure its ok entertainment but still…


Thats really sad that people are killing each other and i bet this was for a dumb reason like money or something

Dale Wilson aka Low Tier God

We kill for whatever out in Lancaster California. Covenant Lazarus and me rock mad bodies on youtube. Come check out our channels.


shut up you little dumpling

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maldita perra punk, ¡el cartel de sinoloa va a estar detrás de tu polla lezzie! Te cortarán la polla y la colgarán del despacho de la alcaldía, y dejarán que las cabras te follen por el culo que dildo

Stupid Nigger

Dylan Watson

Listen Man, killing people is like taking someone’s opportunity away to do life it’s messed up.


Wanna be’s. Go read a book. Laz is a faggot always has been since highschool. He still wears tidy whities. You think your tough with a fuckin highpoint lmfao

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maldita perra punk, ¡el cartel de sinoloa va a estar detrás de tu polla lezzie! Te cortarán la polla y la colgarán del despacho de la alcaldía, y dejarán que las cabras te follen por el culo que dildo
A gay dude

In sand country it is.

Dr suess

Yes 100% Necessary. Does that answer ur question

Dale Wilson aka Low Tier God

They to soft. Covenant Lazarus and I be stacking mad bodies. See us on Youtube.

Dale Wilson aka Low Tier God

My boy covenant [email protected] had to send a message to the TierSexuals.

Dale Wilson aka Low Tier God

Well considering our earth is way overpopulated we could actually benifit from another world war. Drop a nuke on china and we lose 1.5 billion of the top. A major improvement. At most our earth can take 3 billion. At most. We are at 7.5.


We should start the purge with you!


If im not mistaken the killing was because 2 factions on brazil hate each other so … maybe .


Shouldve shot more bullets. Gouged his eyes out and his internal organs. This was weak

Jone field

Can’t wait until it happens to you and your the one getting your skin peeled away and die a slow and steady death you sick fucks

Last edited 1 year ago by Jone field

Lol imagine being soft and getting mad over a comment while you yourself are watching a gore video. Piss off snowflake go to reddit instead ?


yeah but the guy who made this comment is fucking psycho like who the hell


No he is a wanna be psycho.. he just a beta bitch who has a shitty life


Just by watching some gore videos you think you are some kind of fkin psycho? u pussy ass bitch

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Forreal I agree with you, I say to then dont come here and expect sunshine and rainbows haha


Nobody expects sunshine and rainbows but we don’t like idiots like you in the comments either haha


Shut the fuckup keyboard warrior. You are a pussy in real life, a fcukin loser

bot 54646

you know somes a brat then they say snowflake lol

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AHORA, ¿quieres ver mi polla? tal vez tragar un poco de esperma?
Dale Wilson aka Low Tier God

My mans Covenant [email protected] did this. He talks about it in a vid. This is what happens when you violate our Covenant.


go watch cocomelon

Bit my dick

He visto a ese hombre de video, ese era un chico. .. ¡Esa mierda duele!

AHORA, ¿quieres ver mi polla?
Last edited 4 months ago by Bit my dick
fuck you

dude you should feel the pain


Comment worse than video. Karma…is…a….bitch.

Hans Günter
To yall pussyass bitches out here on this side pls go to ytkids and dont be pitylike wtf is this community man i want the BG Community back on there Comments u actually laugh 
33 is cool

Hans günter☠️

Bob is a loser

Shut the fuck up you coward ass faggot


Oh look! Here comes the big bad scary wolf, the boggie man. Ooooo you watch gore videos? Guess i should be shitting my pants. You sound like an edgelord redditor.


Yeah till it’s you , you pussy ass bitch 🤣💀 Shut the fuck up


that’s why your parents died you gay monkey nigger. filthy nigger ass cunt, black transgender dumbass nigger bitch.

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bot 54646

some ones emo

Bob is a ppser

Not as weak as your little punk ass trying to sound hard and edgy, fuck outta here you faggot


i would beat yo stupid fucking ass


Lol your a big bitcj huh all talk

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¿Alguna vez te ha pasado esta mierda? Puede que tengas derecho a una compensación, o al menos a chuparle la polla a manuel

+50 points


This happend in Paraná, Brazil and he’s not a innocent man. Its deug dealers war.

Super-offensive name

I hear that deugs are the next big thing.


Ughh Ahhh more more more blood ???



Jone field

I rather watch your blood spill sick fks like u deserve to be tortured and cut into million pieces and be fed to the dogs

Last edited 1 year ago by Jone field
That guy from the bar

Shut the fuck up kid. This is see gore not YouTube kids


bruh but the person who made this damn comment sounding like this is a godamn porn site


Why you on a gore side calling everyone sick fucks? Like I don’t get your logic


Why are you on a gore site worried about other people’s true comments? If you’re here you are a sick fuck lmao I don’t get your logic.


You’re a thug we get it.

bot 54646

why is everone so mad like of all your on here to see gore and here who are edge lords lol



my dick is sad

Daca eram eu acolo se rupea glontu
Si ii luam pistolu si il rupeam si apoi ii rupeam si gatu


I like new Doom mods


Why dudes speaking eglish thats a voice worth getting fimiluar with hate to come up on him and not know it dude looked like he was kinda happy had a quarter smile might just be how he was built


If he is innocent then he didn’t need to kill him


Y’all, I know this website is for gore stuff but.. Seriously? Y’all are fucked up in the head.




Translate anyone ?

I bet you kiss girls faggot

Nothing much to translate bro he probably wasn’t innocent at all and was probably in a drug war


this is the result of brazilian gang wars / they kill him and talk – and all 3 (pcc-faction) -Here in Paraná (city) 2 (cv-faction) you don’t create

Dr sand n1gger

when you finally sneak up on a camper in call of duty

anonymus birch

im still shooting im still shoting like a BOOM HEADSHOT!


Everyone of you who replied to bob are dumb I saw like one comment that wasn’t 100% moronic. For the dumbasses actually thinking it’s an innocent guy you’ve never seen cartel executions there one of the most organized gangs still alive since Latin kings went down but they beat people they only smoked you if you tried some shit. The cartel does the same shit just on a larger harsher scale, they don’t kill innocent people besides cops who attempt to blockade there activities. Point is the cartel executes people who deserve it, the punishments might be extremely harsh but… Read more »


You are a fucking retard. We get it, you’re a dumb edgelord redditor that think you know everything about the world and anyone with actual braincells who disagrees is a Karen. Go fuck yourself. This cartel shit is stupid and so are you.


Your right. If you dont bother the cartels they won’t bother you i think.


what’s your point you dull birth defect?

nice bruh



its pointless to kill an innocent


Cool but cruel


Why do they just sit there and get shot up or their throats sliced? I wouldn’t just sit there I’d be fighting for my life

Humans are stupid

What if that dude that got shot was a scientist that had the cure to cancer, and turns out that later the shooters mother gets stage 4 lung cancer, but because he killed the guy, he lost the chance to have a cure, and so his Mom dies, and when he finally realizes what he had done, he shoots himself in the head, but it goes wrong it doesn’t kill him, and he end up becoming mentally retarded living in facility in constant pain and confusion, and then he too gets cancer in both his balls and the only solution… Read more »

Irrational Dumbass

The balls ending


Wow he is handsome tbh. Should’ve been more creative than just shooting


First things first… this guy is not innocent, he was from an rival gang, called comando vermelho or CV, and the guys who killed were members of the gang PCC. This happened on brazil

I Hate Scum Like You

Cowards with guns.


Eh, shotgun gets better results


Fuck you the killer

Dale Wilson aka Low Tier God

This is what happens when you mess with my boy Covenant Lazerus. Check us out on the gram/youtube


He wasn’t innocent retard work better on your titles LOSER


whoever cries at this should go and watch cocomelon you pussies why u on a goresite


Because they watch these videos to “appreciate” life more.

Bit my dick
maldita perra punk, ¡el cartel de sinoloa va a estar detrás de tu polla lezzie! Te cortarán la polla y la colgarán del despacho de la alcaldía, y dejarán que las cabras te follen por el culo que dildo

Kitchen gun , BANG BANG BANG


I gotta learn how to shoot one handed man :/

DarkFunny Commenter

Wait.. This isn’t CoD..


thats how i do npc in gta😂



Dylan Watson

i know why these people kill others because they snitch on drug cartels and then they get hunted down like Mexican drug cartels import illegal substances and Australia’s drug lord Ayik receives them then they send the imports to Melbourne then illegally truck deliver them to the area of Shepparton to be stocked and saved then they are sent off somewhere in south Australia to hide these substanstances also some of the Atkinsons contributed to this illegal drug commitie my uncle got into these drugs and his brain was mush within a day if doing it.

Last edited 2 months ago by Dylan Watson

actually this guy is not innocent, he was a member of a criminal faction, CV


Where is dope when you need him?


is this a script right


He isn’t innocent, hes a member from Comando Vermelho.


noooo kotei

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