Man drowned while trying to save a drowning man


A good-hearted man tried to save a drowning man. He ended up strugling and lost his life as well.

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Poor guy ?

Eugenics lord

First off, if they care about saving the dudes life which idk if I even would. Before jumping in, You would need to actually fucking THINK and bring something that floats with you for the guy to hold on to instead of you. Before anyone jumped in they should’ve called 911 or for some other professional help. They also could have had a rope to hold onto or anything that could keep them above water. This utter stupidity warrants them to be deserving of death. Therefore, I don’t care they died because of how dumb they were. If there are… Read more »

Eugenics lord

Would be interesting to know why the first guy jumped in the first place. How do he drown when there was a piece of fucking wood right next to him? Also, why did the retards watching not call for help if they cared so much instead of recording. If it was my choice I would kill everyone in that situation.


Yea. Fucking dumb shits. Poor guy?


The guy jumped in to get tht big bitta driftwood… simple evolution right here.

Strict Machine

Yeah … then a fine example of de-evolution.


Roro the sharpie?

Jonny Coltrane

He jumped into save a guy who had jumped in to save a guy who had jumped in to save a guy… it goes back to the 7th century when the first guy slipped and fell in

Adware Mklss

Adu vjp


“dial 911” the fuck are they gonna do?


There was a kid who lasted more than 16 minutes in water that got saved by scuba divers. 911 still coulda saved them.



the almighty bunghole

*something happened*

“nah it didn’t”


dumb bitch killer

more than a couple of dumbasses could?

Andras Jonas

If he did nothing, he would have just floated on the top. Incredible how people kill themselves. Granted, it’s probably very scary to dip under the water, being deprived of oxygen but if one jumps into water the least they should be aware of (if they can’t swim) is to remain calm. Float. Just not face down, LOL.

the almighty bunghole

probably the guy’s first time swimming. Panic makes people do stupid things


This was the most sad and stupid thing I’ve seen. First, the guy who doesn’t know how to swim without something helping him is the one that go to the water, and second, the old man that shouldn’t even enter the water cause like I said, it’s OLD and probably wouldn’t be able to handle what he will do. But he doesn’t care that and even tried to swim with the the other guy over him when he luckily could move by himself in the water. And the thing that frustrates me the most is that you can see when… Read more »

Last edited 6 months ago by Maurice

what if that older man was a father of the younger one? what would you do.. Of course we can think here we have time. They should thtough them something floating …any rope from somewhere…However can’t get what happened to first man as he was able to swim for a moment and then like it was his first time. WTF


There is a very strong undercurrent at play here. The surface water just appears calm.


Watched a video about that currently,
Looks like he gets sucked in, propably thats also why there is a lot of wood there


thanks I just learned something


yo that cant be delta p, there cant be different presures just like that. A current, yes maybe but not delta p


Remember, if u save someone from drowning and this person starts to drown u(this actually happens a lot(cuz of panic and instincts)) hit straight into this person’s nose, he’ll be shocked and have another thing to deal with when u’ll pull him out. (learned on lifeguards courses)

Last edited 5 months ago by Jack

Damn, nice one, I hope I’ll never forget this


Why did he jump in the first place tho.
And the people are just recording did not even bother to call for real help

A gay dude

They were smart, they got to go home. This white motherfucker tried to be a hero, and he dead.

Lord Beerus

You’re a hero

Jimmy Saville

Ah well just pull them out and fuck them both


Is it a crime to think that this situation is funny? Because if not I will think it is funny forever. But if it is illegal I no think it funny, me think it’s whatever it is legal to think about it.


people on this site are whimps, i fucking love this shit


I totally agree. Or more so I do not love it nor do I hate it. I feel neutral on the subject.

A gay dude

Fuck off nazi cracker

dumb bitch killer

no one wants your nazi ass hoe


fucking retard pulling the good guy down


Thisnwas no normal “I can’t swim” – drowning. Bodies don’t just dissapear under water, they float. Smth pulled them under. Either current or delta P caused by drainage, as someone mentioned. Freaking dangerous.


Yeah tell that to the guy who’s drowning smh….


A good-hearted WHITE man tried to save a drowning man.

A gay dude

Black people are cowards, but it does keep them alive. has done for some hundreds of years, and will contiue to do so.


You sound like a stupid fuck. I feel bad for your family


White man jumps in to save the black man.
Another black man records video and just comments: “I’m not getting in THAT water!”


fucking stupid asses poor guy but damn is it that hard to hold a piecee of wood

Nico s

Black people don’t like water, and most can’t swim.

ravi shetty

dont jump into the water if you cant swim jesus fucking christ how retarded can someone be


This is ridiculous! If I had to jump in to save a drowning person I would knock them out first so they can’t pull me under. The people yelling “you better jump in” are fucking idiots. They should have jumped in but they’re black and everyone knows black people can’t swim.

Last edited 2 months ago by H83D_by_Many



Why the fuck would the black guy go out there in the first place how dumb can a person be



A gay dude

Don’t be stupid, don’t be a hero, your life is worth more than some random asshole on the street.

Be smart, don’t be a hero.




Looks like they were trying to get him more comfortable with swimming originally he was on a string, the wood they had him swim too was just too far and he swam to it well enough the guy was comfortable tossing the string so he could get to the wood. The rest was current and panic. Dude got scared of being on a log not being able to swim well in open water. Just wish the other guy remembered rule number 1 of saving a drowning adult

Top Kek

Nigger cant swim HAHAHAHA

dumb bitch killer

dumbasses waiting until both of them drowned to call 911

Humans are stupid

Honestly I don’t mean to sound mean but how the literal FUCK can someone not know how to swim?? Like wtf we’ve evolved around for it billions of years, our bodies are like 60% water the world is like 70% water, have these people never been inside water? I honestly think this an intelligent issue, some people like this guy just play out Darwinism right in front of our eyes. How stupid do you have to be to jump into water to save someone whos drowning, when YOU YOURSELF can’t even swim? I have trouble feeling bad for either of… Read more »

Humans are stupid

Fucking stupid this shouldn’t be something that can occur to an adult human


lmao what a scrub

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