Spider-Man loses grip


India – The teaser for the new Spider-Man movie leaked.

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It could have been worse.


Always India XD.


We invented most modern culture foh dumbass cracka


Lmao banging drums and doing a rain dance isn’t culture. How about the culture of keeping yourselves oppressed and becoming living stereotypes?

White meat blows

You’re an idiot lol that’s like saying someone who built a bridge just smacked some metal together, that’s not BUILDING. Stupid stupid stupid. You’re stupid and it’s obviously contagious.


Lmao banging drums and doing a rain dance isn’t culture. How about the culture of keeping yourselves oppressed and becoming living stereotypes?


Your culture promotes violence and sucks. Rap music is the only thing black folk have made that I actually like. But when you fucks get together it’s always bad. Fights, drugs, and shootings everywhere because you people can’t act like normal, and you’re always too fucking loud and reckless. You’re race legit mostly sucks.


You’re one of those kids that got bullied or a hillbilly inbred

White meat blows

So useless white people needed them to build the ground you walked on today. Why couldn’t you do it alone? Because your frail white skin can’t handle the sun and your weak pale backs are not strong enough to lift anything. You needed us because you are the weaker race. 🤢🤮


Black people are the most powerful and gifted race. Best looking. Most athletic. Most innovative. I could go on

Chris's Missing Father

Pretty sure the first is a lie (no one likes that pube hair on your head and special shampoos), the second is thanks to that 300 years you fuckers won’t just let go of without “reparations”, and that last one… LOL what peanut butter and how to trace genes in beans? Maybe I’ll give you the traffic light but shit, picking up a gun and firing it doesn’t mean you created it.

White meat blows

What’s the point of letting g go when people like you still exist. You’re angry because smarter and more impressive people exist. And you’re not a part of them. White people is known to be hateful, manipulative, and weak haha

White meat blows

Wow you sound dumb lol not only were they the backbone of the country but May very well be your ancestor after “massa” raped one of our black queens. Dummy 😂

White meat blows

Blacks are lazy and only give us welfare checks otherwise they burn cities down and whine when they don’t get free shit like subsidies

Derek Chauvin

and I can fly and I’m a alien from other universe lmao

White meat blows

Very true!! This site is filled with the weak white racists and it makes me laugh. You will never EVER be able to defeat the beautiful black race.

White meat blows

“Insecure” he’s typing on here just like you were. You just got the raw chicken can’t tan gang on your side which is what makes up this sites fan base. Ewww


you guys r fucking useless



keep in mind that because of the racism of decades ago, blacks live mostly in poor neighborhoods, and poor neighborhoods are often related to drugs and criminal gangs due to lack of education, if all races were on equal social and economic terms without a religion involved the story would be very different from the shit you say, black people are just people like everyone

White meat blows

Another ignorant person! Black people are oppressed because white people can’t bare to imagine a race much smarter and stronger than they are. Ha. There’s so many black accomplishments and you can’t name one because you are born of hatred and white skin.



There are 120 here, thats why i cant name them

White meat blows

Not true. Ever heard of a trailer park? lol and if you’re human you got some sense of violence in you. If your race was oppressed as long as blacks were you would be violent too. Stupid.


Read my comment again

White meat blows

Rap music. Beautiful bodies. Amazing strength. Immense spiritual energy, strong stereotypes because you whites fear them. There are inventions by black people that white people took credit for. There are doctors nurses surgeons and more who are all black and flourishing. Now y’all mad because we are more than you will ever be as a race.

White meat blows

our women are ugly we rape white women

White meat blows

That’s why your daddy was between a black female’s legs doesn’t mean you get to be bitter Derek lmao

Biden my Dick

Ohhh shooting are you talking about the mass shooting in Texas primary school were a cunt boy shoots 21 children’s wow hats off to the humanity is this the way to control the population that’s great keep the good work up.. there should be more and more shootings gonna happen just wait for a couple of month Putin gonna fuck you all.lmfo


Putting is going to fuck everyone up and get nuked themselves thus leaving the world in complete shit you dumb ass. It’s not a good thing if we all die moron. Also the Texas thing was bad, but blacks in my area kill each other and overdose on fentanyl everyday. I also didn’t say whites never kill each other, but they do 50% or more of the shootings and there’s way less black people than whites.


Go bang your cousin and go take a ride on your tractor

White meat blows

Hahahaaaa cousin fuckin white ppl

White meat blows

We did lol they copy us and want to get mad when they see a big dick strong black man fucking their white wives 😂

White meat blows

There are blacks people richer and smarter than you. Let that sink in. Whitey.


You legit said there are black people richer than you like the upper class doesn’t have every race. That was a dumb argument. But the rich black folk usually aren’t super intelligent. They mostly make money through entertainment and sports. Not exactly genius.

White meat blows

Wish I could meet you in person. You seem like one of those uneducated country hillbilly’s

Derek Chauvin

they made shittiest music and low hanging faggoty pants hahah

White meat blows

Shitty music you whites copy. Styles and cultures you whites copy. Because you whites don’t have a culture. You’re just the vultures hahaha and your skin does look like raw chicken 🤢🤮


Go kys you stupid fucking slave. You’re aware you live in a society controlled by the one you hate the most. You’re a mere black man. A simple, inferior life form, helplessly wrapped to the wrist of the white men, dependent on the power of those you drool with hatred for. You’re nothing but filth beneath our foot. And if you’re over acting, we put out your fire and put you a bit more than beneath the sole of our shoes. We put you 6ft below the dirt. Thats the only place you’ll finally contribute, by being food to the… Read more »

lol kazu

yuck shut the fuck up and get some bitches lmaooo. you peg on children cause u have no bitches lmaoooo


You probably only listen to rap because that’s the only music most black people listen to. and don’t even listen to.. idk what white artists you have listened to but none of the ones I listen to are copied, but technically speaking blacks didn’t invent rap, one singular black man basically did not the entire black community so you copy shit too.

Indian Chad

I bet u have a vagina


You know the CEO of google is Indian right?


vlad, youre not only chad, but you are a biggest sigma male the world have seen


Hey btw did you know blacks influenced majority if not most music of today even country. Blacks also invented a lot of amazing food like soul food that has chicken mash potatoes corn bread etc. Potatoes chips, gas mask, street lights, crop rotation, peanut butter, clothes dryer, automatic gear shift, lawn mower, lawn sprinkler, mops, and the modern toilet are all African American inventions. Stop using them if you hate black people so much.


Spider india coming to theaters near you in 2024 may 3rd


I smell shit. Did someone open defecate somewhere in India I’m smelling their shit all of a sudden.

Indian Punk

Check out if you shit your own pants, asshole.

SirFarhan Terrorist الله أكبر

I would bomb india

Indian protector

Ok Sugar, Hit me.

Derek Chauvin

lol it is just another useless smelly dumb curry shitskin indian too many of these inbred unibrows fuck them

Indian Chad

I bet u have a vagina

SirFarhan Terrorist الله أكبر

Indians are sub human and inferior to muslims,whites,christians



Last edited 3 months ago by Ididj

Poor boy. hope he will be ok.



good guy

he is ok but serious injury on his leg


Who let this creature come out from the cage he is being too comfortable let him get inside again




um the first race was dark skinned lol

good guy

dont worry guys he is safe but serious injuries on his legs ,his name is mohammad ali live in karnataka india

suck my cock

shut the fuck up for once you retarted peice of sidewalk gum i bet your moms a slut and your dad is a bag full of shit and piss

suck MEIN cock

Hear me out…anyone accepting a god is a fool but those down in the south with all the whooping and the hollering while yelping “oh LAWD” may take the cake.

Indian Chad

Say that in the afterlife


its india, for every 1 stupid guy dies there will be 3 more born at the same time^^

Biden my Dick

Maybe it up to the genes. Like the black one who fucks hard the US sexy girls with there bbc even though they like that … Too many divorce for the BiG Winnie lmfo

Indian Chad

fuck u white ass brat. i bet u missed ur periods


enough with this funny shit, get us the texas school shooting for gods sake


You may hate Dark skinned but we hate racist cousin fuckn

White meat blows

Lol you do know that the smaller your brain the more wrinkles so you’re actually calling us smarter. Good job. Dummy.

Last edited 6 months ago by White meat blows
White meat blows

Because you’re both idiots lmao


I guess you didn’t get enough ranch on your chickens ass tonight 😂

Your master

Hahaha! Cousin fuckin hateful ass white ppl being free to speak on a site where they are unknown. How cute. How sad. You’re all afraid lol


What other site can you post this shit to?


what the fuck did i get myself into


not to be rude but, he kinda got himself into that. see, if he at least didn’t climb where the water was, he would have made it to the top. but because he did that, he slipped and fell. he got himself into that


He had curry on his hands and feet that is y he lost grip

Biden my Dick

And you invented Dildo hahahahha because you all know that your dick is not that much to satisfy the White Whores lmfo


thats why they are doing jobs in your country, in your companies and are paid well XDXD


India moment


Bugga bugga you see dat water wall?! I climb it to learn SQL and impress dem ladies.

White meat blows

So do white people. You idiots 🙄

White meat blows

Lol so hateful. Must be envy. Your jealousy of black people is so profound in your responses. It’s much louder than your “hate”.

White meat blows

Vlad should get fucked by a black man so he can know what a big dick feels like. Ugly pale rat looking mfs.

White meat blows

Hopefully everything you say come back on you like you be cumming on the back of your niece 😂 raw chicken inbreds


That wont happen if the people like you dissapear

derek chauvin

jajajaja chinga negratas




what a great mood,chopin + watching gore




suits this monkey


Remember if there’s no pink mist then Hes fine!!

Some Texan

Look I love seeing indians do stupid shit but this was just too fuckin idiotic lmfao

Surprise Shawtyy

Damn moron

fverwvbtfeqvds aebetf

my question is why tho?


Can’t watch this horror!




im happy it turned out this way it could have been way worse Im preety sure hes still alive just minor injuries






paraplegic spider man


India hits diffrent




“Spiderman” :skull:


very XD


He just crushed his balls 😲😦


Reading comments of see gore videos is like talking to nine year old toddler that thinks fortnite is everything what head-ach

i stomped ur balls

Exactly my brotha


He needs to get re-bitten again it looks like.


not spider man 🙁


idiot is an idiot, no matter which race, although muslims are terrorists, but shit heads can be found in every race.


dude bought the grip from wish.com


here from tiktok


You India you lose lol

nguyen quoc hieu

con cho ngu


lobby before entering battle bus

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