Woman dismembered, face cut in half


WARNING! This is one of the most gruesome video uploaded on Gorebay. Prepare yourself before watching!

A woman dismembered and her face got cut in half by her husband using a machete. She was still alive and aware what is happening to her.

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Pac man:\/


Wonder which ghost they’re gonna eat next.


Ghosts are fucking annoying and serve me no purpose.

Petru Jaluba

Just like you

Raymond Kenney

Your comment is so fucked up but it is so true

Gore dude

Geez wtf man lmao


damn red ghost did her wrong


Ms.* Pac-Man.


Pac women


Woman* Single, not plural.

John doe


The normal human

”pac man” you did fuck up


…….same here

Mike dee

This is the worst shit i have ever seen


It’s horrible dude. But let me tell ya, if I know who that guy was and then a video of him getting dismembered just like this, I would be very happy.


Me too 😀


she pacman now she eating ghosts


deez nuts


Me too, there’s a chance that lady survived, someone could sew her up but I bet things FUCKING suck for her!


she sadly did not. she was forced to leave behind 3 kids, who are likely part of the screaming in the background


I like ur nickname




lo mismo pense comprimir su cara y parar el sangrado mientras llega la ambulancia pero ahi puro idiota morboso grabando

baby shark

not me

a dude

what the fuck is that a human slaughter house??


looks like the hell


It’s HELL, like that movie Event Horizon where the spaceship goes on a one way trip to HELL, this is what hell is, so be a good little boy OR YOU’LL BURN IN HELL!

mad bitch

That movie mad fucked

Tu vieja golosa

I saw the warning and I thought I do not think it is so bad with everything I have seen but brother is really strong


I thought it was even worst, I mean, is super hard but doe, I saw the warning and I thoUght I’ll poop my pantd


Get wel soon?


Nein das schätze ich mal nicht


hallo du deutsch ?

asmr edou

du hast meish

Eren jäger

Wenn jemane kranken wagen gerufen hat dann könnte sie noch gerettet werden


don’t say that, please


Does anyone knows who was the woman screaming on the background?

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卐 Adolf Hitler 卐

she sounds kinda hot ngl

Above the matrix

Why do you have to be the stupidest one here like dead ass you’re a bum for that comment 

Infant Annihilator

Larper alert Lartper alert, Kys


Fuck you “Hitler.” Your a poser and have problems with your self image.

Last edited 9 months ago by Demon

dont cry, alright?

K Choudhury

I hope 🙏 we see you on here live streaming your suicide. Because you have NOTHING or ANYONE in this life. So you might as well end it.


well fucking said


Her neighbor.


Im pretty sure its her neighbours if im not mistaken cus it doesnt sound like children screaming, it sounds like women or adults if you listen closely


hope shes okay


she is dont worry they had a nice dinner after that

Liam Albert

She might live. Depending on whether they can put her obviously shatter skull together, she’ll be fine. I mean obviously she’s not ok, but she might live.


She might be alive, but she would need a real assistance, her case is very deep to make her alive for too long.

It will be very difficult to her get her abilities to talk, breath and move again.

She got literally massacred but, they didn’t finished her.


She didn’t live, watched a vid abt it.-. Very sad stuff.


Could you direct me to the video about it? I’ve been looking to find out more about this for a while now




How do u take a chunk out of the middle of somebodys head without killing them or passing out due to blood loss

Osama Bin Laden

Eh Reggie you really like guys huh?


What the hell has that got to do with his post…especially since he never mentioned guys…
F’ing wierdo


Lmao 💩


I’m sure he just swing the machete and sliced her face almost in half. What we see here is the swelling from the wound.


Apparently just like this funny guy did. With a lot of anger and hatred. A sharp Machete probably helps. Are you asking for instructions or like a how-to guide lol? Machete shenanigans for dummies haha


To all the ppl who said “lol”…
Go fuck yourself. Sincerely.




Hey….fuck off ya cunt


Normie Alert, just go back on Twitter because this is not side for normies like you


Dude your so fucking weird, you call people normies for finding this digusting and think its cool watching shit like this. I bet your a redditor and dont have a singe friend fucking weirdo

normies hunter

shutup idiot normies


No their normals for getting on a site filled with people being tortured cut up and killed and then getting upset when they see fuxked up people. Did they think people who purposely search up people beign mutilated would be nice everyday people ?


Shut up you fucking larper


genuinely kill yourself, fucking lame ass


lmao, i don’t care

Nick Kurz

There is TRUE EVIL in this world


Yes there is…and to think, I would always say there is no hell. But being on and seeing this site. I know there is a hell and true EVIL. There a lot of the people on here that is going to hit it wide open.


slowly dying/suffering is the worst way to die no cap


What’s the back story and did they punish the perp?


With wounds this severe it leads to only one explanation…the woman will not stop calling with offers to extend my fucking car’s warranty!


I heard that she cheated on her husband and that is who did this to her.. I don’t think the person recording is her husband it’s most likely the neighbors because there’s another woman crying in the back I think they were in shock to find her like that so his reaction was to record. Sadly the woman didn’t make it she passed before police could get to her.and the man was also caught 🙂 prayers to this woman’s kids tho she had 3 children and they were actually there too. Not sure if they witnessed it tho. Id hope… Read more »

Fuck this world

Prayer ? Seriously bruh they are traumatized for life after this , prayer won’t do shit .


I don’t like you.

Bad day,bad life,good crush.



Not sure if she actually did cheat, but even if she did. It still doesnt warrant behaviour like this. What a fucking monster.


I saw this before on best gore and try n guess what 99.8% of the comments were?…. PACK Maaannnnnnnn😅, no but seriously RIP. Pack man. I still cant beat lev 5 on it though

Top Kek

Gyspy isn’t white and dates white girls, race mixing

Al Kahawlick

walk it off


I concur…a few asprins and a heating pad work miracles


Poor lady. But how is she still alive?


the cut was, as some people have said, simply a cut that didn’t result in any part of her facial viscera/skull coming off, so all her airways were intact somewhat enough for her to ventilate on her own. which brings up the important point that she was alive because her brainstem was intact (which of course results in immediate death if it is not). so she could breathe. and since the cut was neither deep enough to injure her brain stem, nor anywhere near the cerebrum (the top part of brain, the part everyone thinks of as “brain”) she quite… Read more »




It’s so incredibly scary to think about how hard it is to actually die. That’s a trend I noticed with a lot of videos here. You don’t just die when someone smashes your head or cuts it in half. No. You stay alive so you can feel every last ducking bit.

Top Kek

cyanide with pain killers is probably the best way, infact just use alot of pain killers if your gonna kys so it isn’t as bad incase you dont die instantly


You could just buy a nice amount of sleeping pills like clonazolam (an adult needs about 10 taken at once to die), which will make you sleepy and eventually just make you stop breathing.


@Jay 10? Good lord try again. Most of my family has been addicted to anti anxiety and sleep meds like clonazapam, klonopin, xanax, and all kinds of pain meds and sleep meds like Clonazolam. Even pretty early on in their addictions 10 pills wouldn’t even be enough to get high with depending on dosage but true in general. My dad would go through his whole months supply in one day maybe two.


Ive got a better one…a strong dose of dissociatives would make her forget there was any pain. Administered either by intramuscular injection or intravenous.


Doesnt cyanide make it pretty uncomfterable..so ive heard? Dont quote me on that lol




I think thats why so many of us are afraid of dying tbh


You know what, I’m reading the comments and I’m not even gonna bother watching this


Good choice. I feel sick after watching this.


That’s the best thing to do


The best thing to do is not be a kid toucher. This half faced autistic bum was grabbing on little brown kids weenies and rolling them around like clay snakes and this was her punishment. Sometimes she would fart on little babies ears while flicking her bean….fucking sicko this one is


Gay…you will slurp a load of aids infested faggot cum out of another man’s hairy asshole, gargle it with some piss and liquid diarrhea before swallowing…..but won’t watch some retarded cunt cut in half?! She obviously deserved it for being fat. She’s likely poor and uneducated as well so nobody will miss her or her annoying grunts. Nasty half faced 1 armed retard. She probably had autism like the other useless bums. Bitch


You are a fag


Bruh this kind of trolling is just cringe stop it.


Are you really that bitter and insecure irl Cuntry that you have to go to gore sites and just start randomly insulting people you don’t have the slightest knowledge of? You likely are in severe need of actual mental help man. Before you let that bitterness, anger, insecurity boil over and you become the next person doing evil things like in this video. Especially as you are already trying to justify a killers actions. You seem to think its okay to kill and dismember for negative human traits that you don’t even remotely know are true or false. If you… Read more »


imagine if ppl in this comment section saw you in real life, You would be dead


that’s why this shit is a website, none of us acts like this irl anyways. It’s like a vent web for retarted ppl


Pac-Man headass 😂

Why you

Sv will experience this… efinn rez n***Agers lol


Good one lol. You and the other half retarded 14 year old virgins probably jizzed in your skinny jeans huh? Fucking twat


wow, cette là ma vraiment mit mal putain… j’espère qu’elle est morte. Pas contre elle, juste pour qu’elle ne souffre plus.


What the fuck language is this? Or is some autistic retard having a meltdown and spazzing out on their keyboard? Quit being a burden to everyone especially your family….end it


Help me end it


That was a serious request. Not a joke. I am autistic, parents spend around 60 k a year on things that only make me miserable, and I know they’d be happier if I died. I’m a girl. People say I’m cute. Don’t know if that will make you happier to help or not.


try to jump under a train, (not in a station but in the side of railway)

gauss euler integral

If they’re spending 60k a year on things i assume are intended to help you, then that means they love and care for you. I suggest letting them know that these things aren’t helping you and that something else needs to be tried.


putain, le gars il à réussi à faire en sorte que son père arrête de le molesté et il se prend pour le roi du monde.
Allez va crever

when the when the

have you never seen french before dumbass


You don’t know what the language French looks like in 2021? well damn lmao you’re one retarded monkey faggot aren’t you take your own advice and do what you told him to do (kill yourself)


Wow you really are a fucking retard. You literally went to every thread on this video just to berate people. Do you really feel such a desperate need to have a sense of superiority over other people? Well just so you know lol. What you are doing is considered bottom tier scum trash by 99.9999% of the world. So in any objective sense of it. You are one of the most inferior people in the world. Not convinced? By doing what you are doing you are showing the rest of the world that you have little to no self control,… Read more »


I bet you smell bad. Like poop. You’re a mean person and you smell like poop 😄


Why do people videotape someone helpless like that and not even try to help but then again idk if there is much that you can do for that poor lady. Hopefully she survived. May god rest her soul.

Last edited 2 years ago by Taurus91
Top Kek

hopefully she DIED end her misery how do you even recover from your face being cut in half stich back up and amputator limbs?


Elmer’s glue lol


at that point just get an another machete and finish it fast and good


Maybe an angel helped her huh? Fucking dumbass. You’re bringing your dumb religion into this obvious godless video of a fat cunt getting what she likely deserved. If you love your god so much ask the fucker why he envisioned this to happen. You pray for god to help yet he is the savage that subjected his “beloved child” to this horror….pray for a god that isn’t a fucking prick


Wow unbelievable you would say something like this about our God.


Blah blah blah. You sound like a 13 year old kid. I don’t like you or anything that comes out of your mouth. Every time you comment your mother shakes her head in disappointment.


Maybe to use as evidence or something? Fuck knows. But by the sounds of it, no one wanted to go near her and i cant say i blame them. Just fucked up.


help her? dumbass

Osama Bin Laden

Ive seen better


Nice haha


Holy Jesus does anyone have a translation of what was said?


The guy was just making fun of her and calling her worthless and alot of other shit fucking sick bastard


He was telling her to calm down cuz it’s not even a big deal….then he said he is fucking their son and he’s leaving her to marry his son. She says something about “butt babies” and asks him if he will pick her up a bottle of cherry Coca-Cola when he gets back from work and he says he can’t because he isn’t allowed to be in the store due to a trespassing risk from the last time he shoplifted a snickers bar and she said “oh ok…thanks anyways Ricky”


You are one funny fucker 🤣


Swing and a miss on that translation. You dont speak the language you can only speak english cuntry I dont think your cultured enough to understand any other ethnicity for there is not a drop of culture in you. Only an amalgamation of human feces stinks up a room everytime you speak.


I came out of morbid curiosity, I honestly do full auto poorly when I get that morbid curiosity, and although the fact that commenting changes nothing commenting can still give us at least a wag to show our disgust and hate for the person who did this


Yeah, and I feel a lot of the jokes in the comment section (even though it’s horrible to joke about this) help you to kind of process what happened by providing some form of comic relief. Like the stoner dude in a horror movie.


If seeing a fat ugly bitch getting a little cut on her nose and forearm makes you giggle or like you said, super horny with a rock solid erection…fuck what others think. You don’t owe anyone an explanation!

Cuntrysingers mom

Your mother is a toothless whore who gives blowjobs to men for 2 cents and pushed you out of her smelly hairy vagina after getting fucked by the 182727273th guy. You don’t even know who your dad is. Your mother is probably getting raped right now and begging for mercy. Good.

33 is cool

Should I watch this


it’s pretty gruesome and sad do prepare yourself


Do or don’t you fucking dweeb

33 is cool

Why so mean


Sorry in an earlier comment I said you are 12yo. I need to correct myself. You are an 8yo. Seriously dweeb who uses that word anymore especially as an adult lol


That was soooo fucking AWESOME!!!!! No idea on the warning tho….it’s not as bad as others that are on here.

Top Kek

send me them how is there anything worser than this? Cartel skinning?


Oh…come on now buddy. This was pretty tame. In fact….it actually was a lil boring. When I read the warning I thought it was gonna be a lot more intense….


Yeah. I barely was able to keep an election, let alone ejaculate! Yawn


what. the. fvck. disgusting bastard


Worser is not a word you fucking retard.

Top Kek

What could’ve of drive someone this hard to do this? Adultery with insults? Wayyy over kill, those end moans intensifying.. morale of the story don’t piss off your husband escipally if he’s pyschotic, best way is just asking to separate in a nice tone




The fact that she is still alive at the time of the video is what I find the most disturbing. How long has she suffered. Likely not too too long as you bleed out in a couple of minutes but damn. This is hard stuff to take.


The voice she made while in pain was probably the most gruesome thing in this video




awesome!!! this is what i like to see.

kobe bryant

we need more videos like this


I’ve seen bad but the fact that she’s still alive is just- hhh. They really is pure evil In this world.


To anyone saying “lol.” Your not cool or edgy, I hope you rot😍






keep hoping, idc


I’m definitely masturbating to this tonight




Yeah you have to masturbate because you dont get none anyways.




This reminds me of Flowers of Flesh and Blood. Japanese shock film


Maybe this site is illegal…

الله هو رجاؤنا الوحيد

WARNING! This is one of the most gruesome video uploaded on Gorebay. Prepare yourself before watching!”

this shit isn’t anything

卐 Adolf Hitler 卐

pac man LUL


Finally a motherfucker with a brain and common sense! I was starting to think this place was literally full of pieces of dogshit that somehow learned to type and read the bible 😐


She’s just looking for painkillers. Fucking junkie!!!!

Covenant Lazarus @YouTube

Begone THOT!


The fact she is alive, imagine how much pain she is in my god man. This makes me wish they just ended her suffering instead of her dying a painful death



Will Khitey

Die bitch

asmr edou

Grab her boobs feel her pussy!


… dirty boi🫠


i hope ur dick/psy gets skinned with a cheese cutter. fucken disgusting asshole

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